About communication tactics, psychology and stress

You can’t see if you’re not aware of any concepts. So, it’s a funny thing to do. Tactics – Psychology – Stress.

Let’s start with the tail. Namely with stress. The fact is that stress is an inevitable concept. Because in general, “stress” – that’s all new. Moreover, the new so that completely unfamiliar to man. One person stress. Yes, different strengths, and different results, but stress.

So, the concept stress in combat practice – a very curious thing. Many times, stress for a fighter – a familiar phenomenon. From a certain moment stress, it can be scary.

About increasing stress

There is one point associated with gain stress. Artillery shelling is the one stress, (if he can’t leave the firing zone), He can not escape Psyche simply wedges.

Crawling on a fighter evokes roughly the same emotions. Multi-ton shit – is unclear. It is impossible to escape from him, to hide, too. And if except light rifle there is nothing (however) stress immediately begins to overflow “over the edge.” And then it depends on either the stupor or panic / hysteria, or at the same time.

For razrulivaniya habitual means () stress she calls. Especially if it is directly life threatening. To be clear:

It can be a bit stressful. But suddenly it is considered a tricky projectile rips apart a dugout, which has become accustomed to be considered invulnerable and eternal. And all – the escalation of stress, possible panic.

It will be up to you to follow it. But! As soon as the situation changes increase stress. The conditions will be changed. stress and its external and internal manifestations.

If we take the situation, it’s not necessary to endure. But the difference is in situations. There is a possibility to change something. But it prevails at the moment when it affects the situation and, accordingly, the source of stress.

Entering into it. Order of specific targets.

The impact of stress on tactics

For example, it’s possible to act tougher, It is the same as the destruction of the enemy. It is, by the way, thanks to the nickname of igoreff, by the way. And then we didn’t talk about it.

The point is that the level stress it affects the It is clear that people who have already been trained have been trained aggression against any resistance (civilians or inexperienced fighters are not talking here).

And now think for a moment. It is a chance to get injured or die? In a work situation indoors, or in open space? Fuck is clear that in a closed room. Places to maneuver much less.

Therefore, actions aimed at suppressing. resistance, where tougher because adversary I didn’t have to shy away from his response. Plus, it is necessary to lay it down immediately. It is not possible to make control over the wounded. This can be a flight life and health good half of the group.

And that is why, I repeat, the threat must be eliminated. as quickly as possible. If this is the case, it is equivalent to the “cruelty”. This is what is called “breaking” resistance. Do not suppress, namely break.

Therefore, it will be differently, and it’s not possible to act differently. There is a time for a maneuver. The CQB is considered to be a particularly difficult and demanding discipline during training.

So much for what I said at the beginning. Communication imperceptible, but unambiguous. The devil is known to be in the details.

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About communication tactics, psychology and stress

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