About field feeding: How to achieve invisibility

It is necessary to make a question of how to cook it.

What is the point? Well, it’s clear that it’s a good idea to wear it. burners and gas, there is no difference – AR or AK, nervously smoking on the sidelines. Pros and cons. It is a little gas explosives. It is a state of the art in the state of the world.

On the other hand, time on gas cooking the scale leans towards gas – stupidly faster. It is important that you can reduce your visibility. Well, up to the heap there is such a moment that dry fuel varies greatly in quality. Recently caught such pills (sorry I didn’t remember the name) that they stank on the entire underbrush. And they would not notice it.

On the other hand the same gas doesn’t always “come in” if you take the winter time and severely frosts. Of course, this issue is solved multi fuel burner, but they are not always afford it. In short, “Kovea” and “Pathfinder” will help you (depending on the wallet).

However, burners there is one more advantage over pills – It can be the heat of the temporary “dwelling”. But it is clear, make it clear – burner must have.

It is a fact gas cylinder (or several), which can be a little bit, then … Well, firstly, burner and bottle to her first echelon of equipment, and not even the second. But mostly the third. That is, he was buried in the bowels of the backpack. If you don’t get carried away, then you don’t carry anything and you don’t get anything. You can’t get it. It is greatly overestimated. And the pills are completely safe.

As for the expense … There is an ambiguous question. I have enough for one day 4 tablets, for two hot meals and boiling water. Number of days, and add another day as AZ (Emergency Reserve).

With gas … Well, in two days, I have one bottle with a supply. That is, I proceed from the calculation of one to two. That is, look out for this proportion, and of spare for AZ. For example, in this case, it is the case of the three cylinders. Although, of course, this is already a paranoid reserve.

By multi fuel burners I can not say anything, because I do not own it. I’ll get it – I’ll tell you.

There are two significant advantages over the campfire and proven fire. The first is that if you gas and pill set on fire, then they burn. To suffer with wood, bark and twigs do not. And, secondly, you can understand what you’ve grinded something fun. This is a very important point.

Therefore, no matter what you choose for yourself – gas, other fuel (gas doesn’t always come in normally) orablettes, but it will be better than for a fire.

It is a fact that there is a certain amount of common secretion. That is, it is desirable to be as imperceptible. It is clear that ready toIt is a good thing that you can burn.

Generally, the issue of secrecy cooking process business is fascinating. It is calculated:
– light from the fire;
– smoke and its smell;
– the smell of food;
– traces of food intake (traces of fire, or abandoned packaging).

Yes, the most basic reason for “failure” is the wrong choice. parking place. If you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to go to details. But even if you chose the right place, you still need to disguise the fire. There are a lot of options here.

There are specialized folding windscreens of various sizes, which can cover both the taganok and the burner. If there is an asshole (it can be an asshole ???), then there is a spatula under the “plate” dimension, put for cooking or for boiling water. Thus, the light from the fire will be virtually invisible. If you’re not so good, you can’t bake the whole bird. But this is overkill, but pleasant … But overkill … So, okay.

You used a bonfire. Well, or you can use low-quality tablets of dry fuel. But in general, if you gas or normal pills, This problem is irrelevant to you. It’s worth mentioning that it comes from cooking foods or boiling water. It is a scarf, or any large-mesh fabric. The problem will immediately disappear. Well, make sure that food is not spilled on the fire. And you will be happy.

The smell of food is not clear. Cooking is not The law is not to open the package. But it is inconvenient because it is ready or not. That is, we should not be taken separately, therefore it should not be taken into account. Therefore, to a minimum. In line, cooked quickly, quickly devoured, quickly removed. If you are drinking coffee, then you will be sadder if you are drinking coffee.

Well, the third point cooking. Namely:

  • traces of fire;
  • traces of collecting fuel for fire (if you use a fire too);
  • traces of food;
  • food packages and food residues.

You can understand the secrets and secrets. The numbers will not tell.

So let’s go point by point.

Traces of fire – It is not clear that it has been defined as the case for the next item. This is a much less noticeable part of the tracks. imperceptible)

Traces of fuel collectionand – as I said, it is in a fire situation. It is not necessary to take a scattering of the tablet. There is no way to disguise the collection of firewood and branches. It is simply that it is possible to make it out.

Traces of food – remember are cooking It is quickly and carefully followed by the environment. We’re eating too, albeit quickly, but neatly. And immediately, as devoured, we remove the bag used. If you eat it, then you’ll see it, then you’ll be able to eat it.

Traces of a person and a group – simply put, garbage. Srach for a pick up. The whole. Moreover, if there is a possibility – we will pick it up. Here, by the way, the MRE and begin to win our IRP. Just because you’ve gone for it, it’s not interfere and doesn’t remind of itself. This is the way to do it. At the same time it takes up minimal space. But with our IRP There is a problem – packaging cans, foil boxes is still inconvenient. If you’re not sure, you’ll need to dig. And if you are alone, then you will be noticeable.

That is, if you decide to complete suhpay What do you forget about your diet? For God forbid you to find out how much you want.
And that is why state MRE for me, so far optimal for exits. Although it is a bit of a bit, it’s already a good idea.

Well, we still have two topics, On the ground, and how to carry it on.

Wolf ops

Food extraction

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