About field feeding: Selection of an individual diet

Generally, no matter how good it is, one way or another, collect it myself. To make you understand when receiving suhpaya The God forbid, for a long time, clever heads calculated. Why? It’s not a problem.

It can be a question. It is clear that it’s not clear that it’s not a problem. But, in fact, the grub is the most urgent thing to do in a wearable set of equipment.

To be clear, to the size of the standard IRP (Individual Diet) Type IRP-MG Small, small, sized, healthy food, canned food for three days. Moreover, it’s a normal healthy man. You see, yes?

What is usually taken into account for three days. And if a person eats a little bit, like me (for example, DO NOT LITTLE, BARRIERS !!! I really eat very little, ask my darling), then by four.

Generally, in catering at the outlet the main problem is water. That’s just really bad. It is not a problem. Although, of course, it all depends on the season. In the end, if you’re having a little water, you can’t smells later (the results of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal pleasures). But, if there is an access to water, then it is possible.

Although it is possible to take it with you. There is a division into two categories of products:

  • natural;
  • sublimated.

Natural products, canned and sublimate

By “natural”, it is a type of container. In short – canned food.

If we are talking about domestic suhpaykah, you can buy in stores. Just for coming to any normal store. If you’re on the same day, you’ll find out more. IRP.

With sublimated products, everything is a little more complicated. Sublimates are divided into two categories:

  • natural;
  • “Chemical”.

Natural – this is, in fact, food, just dehydrated. In short, just add water. Yes, the nutritional value is not that of normal food. But, in principle, it is the same.

Chemistry is not so simple. It is also possible that it can not be any longer. This is two weeks from the point of view. If you’re in one way or another, you’ll see it. I won … In my youth, a glass of aviation kerosene was grabbed … And nothing … Almost … But alive!

Everything is very dependent on the state of the gastrointestinal tract and age. In our youth we can digest nuts for the most part. But there is no need to go to the hardware store.

Wherein sublimates oversized products – their size and weight. If you’ve been singing at 250 grams, it can be used for a meal or meal. It will be necessary for their preparation. It is necessary to carry it out.

“Army” Individual Diet (IRP)

If you’ve taken with you, for example, what has turned up under the arm, namely – spetspitovskiy IRP-MG, and there is a lot of excess.

The composition of the IRP-MG (TU 9194-003-59859976-10) produced by Specpit:

  • army galety;
  • canned meat;
  • meat and vegetable preserves (meat with peas);
  • fruit jam;
  • fruit stick;
  • concentrate for tonic drink (isotonic);
  • black tea;
  • coffee;
  • sugar;
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • spoon and napkins (regular and disinfectant).

Look – the total weight of 900 grams. Con, it is designed for a single meal. You will carry 5.5 kilograms of gnats with you. And if for five, then at all 9 kilograms. Think 9 kilos of one grub!

It’s also a volume. 6 boxes suhpaya – this is a lot of space, 10 boxes – even more. And the backpacks are the same. And there are people like me who love everything compact. For three days, it’s quietly walking. There and 5-7 liters of volume is enough with a margin.

But even if you’re a normal raid backpack, then It will make it easier to go on it.

And one more important point. Although the composition IRP It is a number of external factors, according to the number of external factors. IRP intended.

And what happens if I bring the IRP to a rational mind?

Will stay:

  • Canned meat (no meat anywhere). One meal should be, if possible, better, of course, two. But this is exactly the hot meal. It invigorates and gives the body strength. As they say, eat it, and then warmed up. Stupid questions.
  • Isotonic concentrate. It is just necessary, especially if you go a lot and intensively. It is a way to get it, but look after it.
  • Tea and coffee (although it is a very distant relationship to real drinks). Here you decide that you love more. I usually take more coffee, and sometimes I don’t take tea at all. Here it is clear, even shitty.
  • Sugar. In principle, yes, if you take tea. If it is a coffee, take it three times at once, there is sugar and so. (Leave, or not, salt is your business.)
  • Jam and fruit stick replace chocolate. Here I think everything is clear.
  • Napkins We take necessarily.
  • Add Only candies included. Diversifies life.
  • The galety. It was suggested that Sergey Zybin suggested it. Finn crisp, compact and tasty. Although, if you do not like this, I advise the biscuits “Lyubyatovo”.

Spoon and fork. If you use the ones that come with IRP – then you obviously are doing something wrong.

The same IRP, in which there is a taganka with dry fuel. It is necessary to have, and are separate. And even a gas burner. But we’ll talk about this separately sometime.

As a result, we’ll be full and satisfied. With all this, we’ve actually reduced the mass, and wearable volume. At the same time got rid of things IRP, and replaced with their normal property (spoons / forks).

In reality, it is halved in weight, and tripled (in the usual case) in volume. In the case of the body, it is not a long time for your body. I repeat that we are talking about a limited period of shortage in kilocalories.

Yes, we are talking about situations. fighting, or survival, or some extreme tourism. If you’re crawling around for a week, you can’t. For example, on one channel on YouTube, a guy showed how to make a marbled beef steak on a campfire. And normally it happened. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of you.

It can be used to sublimated products. If you take the weight of four times (if you do not squeeze at all, then three times – calmly). This is not the case for the Rollton type, but it is normal nutrition.

If you are a woman, he will remind you of it. mass and volume.

Well, the same situation with the means of preparation. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to keep it dry (). The main thing is to have your own. Because it is always bad.

But, formation of wearable power It is a number of other points, yeah. And they are connected to you.

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Food extraction

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