About life, human kindness and care

From the editor:
Naib, for which many thanks to him. Still life, and especially for the race. This story doesn’t really correspond to our portal, but it’s good,
It’s a really expensive one. That which is not acquired for money and wealth. The body but also the soul …

“It’s an endless treasure” is a proverb.

This is a woman who lived in a small town. She was a poor widow. They lived in a modest house. They had been given them. They felt the greatest inconvenience in the winter when it rained. It is a wooden door.

It was not rain for a few years, but it was drizzling.

The city was filled with dark clouds. As soon as you get it. This was a situation in the world of peace. The boy anxiously looked at her arms. But his clothes were completely wet.

He said that he was a little girl. He was pleased that he was pleased to see his girlfriend.

“It will be the richest among the people.”

God bless all good people!

Naib yunusov

About life, human kindness and care

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