About masturbation on submarines: a brief instruction with pictures

I was not going to write this post. Not because I’m not interested in intent to. How hard is the people that Submarine – it is not the place where it is the greatest manifestation of love for the Motherland.

In the case of women, women and young women. I’m warned you.

Yesterday, he wondered how he was masturbate on the submarines. But I didn’t need to give him a refund. Therefore, I’m not sure what to say. lion.

From the moment that the GEM commences, it’s differently than in simple earthly life. You, earthlings, watches, and submariners. There are two types of exercises that you can use for your equipment. PPO and Outage, so, until the next cycle, there are eight hours of rest. These include the four hours a day.

If you are very lucky. Adapt to your body begins protective functions and engages hidden reserves. In addition, it changes to normal life; for example. It is not clear that the same time, you can understand.

And yet asshole-quartermaster, instead of taking normal juice, This is a sweet and stingy stuff, I tell you! We simulate a situation: three, four days of sailing, contacted, plunged, and finished the alarm. It is a time when you have to go. It’s a natural thing to put your goose down. What you can think of? According to the earthly young fathers. Or did you come to dinner? PDA on the side, and desire in the eyes. A messenger gives you a soup of seven barley pearls. You start to crawl in it with a spoon. And then the ringing.
– A drill! To surf a submarine without a turn!

Fucking acoustics wormwood found, it means. Scatter about combat posts. This is how you scoffing at your club.
– Hang up the alarm! The third shift on the watch stand up!
– Eblya! – you are surprised, – we haven’t had lunch yet!
– Set aside the third shift! The second shift on the watch stand up! It is clear that they will give you everything for about fifteen minutes. You wander into the mess room, you’re in the mess. Well, what else is jerk off? Only about this, of course. Now it’s the life of the submariners.

How do submariners live? The officers live mostly in cabins of four. Michman and sailors – from six to eight. That is, in the cabin alone you never happen.
For you, for example, you can sleep. F-14 and his electrician on the video recorder. And you are:

– Roma, do you mind, will I halt before bedtime?
– Purku na, Edward, of course – masturbate on health.
– Igor, i’m going to drive a bald one
– I would like to ask you to ask for it.

Cabins at sea never close. Prohibited. If you’re anxious, for example, it’s not a problem, it’s not. Wake up the cabin: either wake up necessity. The watchman It comes to you.

– If you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be in danger
– Of course, let them wait! Samantha Fox dissatisfied in all holes to let go! I zhyofitser !!
Or so:
– Igor Yurich, they are again fucking up a Galava. Oh, Edward Anatolich, again Samantha Fox?
– No, today I have one redhead, from Yaki-yes, I’m not a little hot thing.

So imagine this represent the Yuna fathers from the forest.

It can be done in the toilet. There is no toilet on the submarine whole system. A latrine on a submarine looks like this:

(this is a latrine from a sludge boat, not from a warship)

Pretty romantic place, I think. Galyunov for 180-200 people crew and seconded staffs. One – commander, in which they go, you know who. There are some scary ideas about how to go around and what you need to do. Total, there are four latrines for one hundred twenty people. One of them is not purged at the moment.

You come, it means, it’s forgive, it’s poop and masturbate (according to the young fathers). Pull the handle. Otudova yell at you in an inhuman voice:
– Yes, fuck yourself, pull the dogs mad !!! Give jerk off calmly !!!

Standing, culturally waiting. If you want to be there, you will be able to find out. The truth is there Sophia Loren still, as an option, maybe. Okay, think of something. We are harsh navy officers, even submariners, not acne youths with poor imagination. Midshipman Vasilich falls out from there, come in. You do not know how to shit, then here it is for sure. No filter can handle it. Close up, hang PDA on the handle and on the phone If you want to know how to handle these bilge fag. But just in case. At this time, someone starts to pull the handle. PDA knocking down:

– Hula, you pull? !! – yelling at the door – I just went in !! Sorry, lingerie. You sit down comfortably, turning out with your paws, hang out and maintain a stable position. Trying to relax. At this time someone pulls the handle again. Extremely cultural and restrained, you answer:
– Yes, you go on dick, cormorants !!! Give a shit calm !!!

And so on. Well, how can you not jerk off? Very relaxing atmosphere, I think. Once again – you want to sleep. Even more than having sex with Pamela anderson lee. A lot more. If you still have to write a message, I’m giving you a little answer. I’m zhyofitsler. And once again – a submarine, not a place for love. Even for the love. Only pollutions and rescued. He also helped to go there, but he didn’t need it, but he didn’t need it. Submarine – a place for love for the motherland.

I am a person with a good imagination. But I will not hide it. It is a question that I’m not thinking about it. Total was named: rocket mines, torpedo tubes, shower. Ok, I’m not weak to model these situations.

Torpedo tubes

Here it is a romantic place.

Diameter of fifty centimeters. Imagine this figure, please, but please attach it to your shoulders or ass. Did they measure? One of the torrents is the submarine, the other is outside. That is, it is cold.

Already exciting, is it not? Here it’s time to remove the internal pressure. You come to the seventeenth compartment, the miner:

– Vlad, free me the fifth torpedo. Refresh your eyes. The miners use the hydraulics system. Forty minutes – for the Salma.

To get into the machine, you need to skukozhitsya. Do you know how to stretch forward elbows under the breast? Practice – it will be useful for you! Slightly turning over with your elbows, you crawl inside the slippery and cold apparatus. It is clear that it is a dream.

Rocket mines

It is of course – large rocket mines. In them, if desired, the shutter can pull about twenty people, at each time, if they become zhopka to zhopka and on each other’s shoulders. But. There is one nuance, or rather even two. And, no, – three. Rocket mines The second is that the rocket mines always have rockets, or a weight model. There are no rockets in the mine; And so it would be nothing, of course.
– Podvachtenny from places to move! On the first shift, get ready for the one-eyed python caress in the rocket mine number eight !!!
Going first shift. All in glasses (so as not to splash on top) – go to the rocket deck.

They are fastened to the rails of the rails and the carabiner crawl to the rocket shaft. It is a girl who loves her car. There is a chance that he will be counting bridge:
– Comrade commander !!! The personnel for the training is ready !!!
– Let’s go there in a quick way! After fifteen minutes dive !!!

Submariners, of course, begin to shove their elbows and argue.
– According to the staff list! – the watch officer is commanding, – the miners – go ahead !!! And the nymph? How to divide the nymphs? Well, don’t caress Denise Richards? Same not porn to you some draw lots, chtoli? More questions about the mines?


I have no photos of the soul. But if you watched a submarine. There is a floor in the floor. A water tank is unloaded. It is one of the most valuable resources. It gives a one-time underwear to divers. Blue t-shirt and cotton shorts. Took it a week and threw it away, wearing fresh. It was especially economical that it caused enthusiastic huffs of local geaters.

Therefore, bathing and shifts. When it comes to the seventh compartment An hour for all. If you’re looking for a wormwood bath

If you’re having fun, you’ll be able to clean your skin. The very same setting, I consider to invite Sophia vergara and enjoy. And the smell. Do you know what it feels like in a submarine?

Smells of iron and heated lubricants. Always and everywhere the same smell. Know how, in fact, the sea smells. I’ll tell you what to do, fish, fish, seaweed and iodine. It is not a metaphor. And also oxygen. On the submarine, in the air in the air. Nineteen percent strictly. Not twenty-one.

Have you ever breathed nineteen percent oxygen? And a month? And two? And three? Bang – and you are nineteen. In the air you exhale, by the way, its seventeen. Oh well, But then you’re naturally drunk. If you want, you’ll be able to get one. You can stand your fingers and give you a smile and a little bit. And you say – love.

It is possible to love only one woman Homeland and she, Even mentally. This is very hard work, I tell you. And also – Death.

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About masturbation on submarines: a brief instruction with pictures

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