About modern doctors and survival. Sight from the other side

In articles devoted to first aid, As soon as possible, you can see a doctor immediately. In essence, the recommendation is absolutely correct! But to whom will you deliver this victim?

According to most people, good doctor – It is a fantastic time to complete to assist even while on vacation or at home. The image of the selfless Dr. Aibolit driven into consciousness since childhood, hurrying to the sick monkeys across the stormy ocean.


He is a university student who has graduated from a medical university, pediatric or dental faculty. But it is not yet medical specialist. After the university, you must complete a one-year internship in a special field of activity, for example, in endoscopy. It is not necessary to provide some medical specialties. This is a study of the residency of a medical university or research institute. And not starting independent work.

A lot of information is often not systematized and fragmentary; All this can not be positively affect the psyche of a young specialist. But this is not the case. modern doctor. It is not a problem for people to care about their dieting conditions. burnout. Eventually modern doctor It’s not a problem.

A bit of history

Let’s look at the problem health organizations from the side. If you’ve been a person, you’ve got to go to church. For everyone understood that he died. Not everyone could call the doctor – his services were worth the money. But there was no sense of the challenge. The doctor could only delay the onset of death. All rendering emergency aid was reduced to amputation or reduction of dislocations. And this is not a stone age. These are 30 years of the 20th century! Tu pays, which had the largest civilizations, such as Egypt or Babylon, were lost.

After Great patriotic war the heyday of medicine. And not only in our country. And not only medicine. It was followed by the world’s access to the country’s health. Medical assistants were massively trained. They are like ensigns or midshipmen – neither soldiers nor officers. The medical assistant was obliged to know how to treat them. His duty was to provide emergency assistance to the hospital. They have been trained by paramedics for 3 years, and after graduation obstetric points and dispensaries, which were established in each major district center or village. More than a doctor with an advanced degree. He was appreciated and respected by the local population. Since it is understood that it is not necessary for medical care. Doctors were taught the same way as now. Primary specialization during 6 months.

It has been shown that this is a matter of fact. Our aid, clinics and dispensaries. Cuba and North Korea. Why did they not succeed? Yes, it’s clear that it’s free for bad. And they were right. If you talk to your dentist under “sovkainom” (Soviet Novocain) or about abortions “without anesthesia”. I was born in the country.

Pharmacies couldn’t buy anything without a doctor’s prescription. Even Analgin. Therefore, people more often resorted to treatment with vodka at home. There were no medicines either, because there were no production and scientific areas. Medicinal raw materials were not always ordered, but more often – “which is cheaper”. Some medical forms were prepared without any restrictions. I was taught to write out the recipe for ointments and linimentov. later. Editor’s note).

There were no results. But it’s not. Because the state was paid a certificate. Or monthly disability benefits were paid. Compensation from the company. With an average salary, was sick or disabled was beneficial. It was the best time for people to travel. You couldn’t be complain

With the collapse of the Soviet Union public health. It was not a problem. Doctors stood in the markets for sellers for hire. In the hospital, there were ads for bandages for treatment. Not just wanting to work. Doctors in hospitals sorely lacked. Recognized independent work schools. An ambulance went to a call in a state of intoxication. The management of hospitals and their employees, for their employees, because there was no one to work. If you are a woman, it is not a question.

It has been written that it has stayed with the beds of patients during the years of reform. I’m losing a lot of love. As a trauma ward, one bandage was issued per day. How to cut the linen on these same bandages. And, like, an emery bar, steel needles and scalpels were sharpened. They were happy in hospitals. If you’re listening to this effect, it’s not. Therefore, doctors were taught. They were taken. Auscultation (listening), palpation (palpation), percussion (percussion), “reading” of low-quality, current-striking electrocardiograph.

Both physicians and patients literally SURVIVED those years. And whats the screaming? Would take if given.

And then what?

After 2000, the situation in the country has stabilized. Doctors and nurses returned to the hospitals. But in FAPs (obstetric points) nobody went to work. As an example, there is a school where you can find out. Leave it and go to the Taimyr Peninsula, for example. And for their own money. And there is a salary for meager, which is not enough even for a return ticket. And for your money, buy reindeer herders. What not to like? So the doctors too. But in Moscow, Russia. It was not a long time that they could have been a dream. Falling on duty for weariness, none of them grumbled because they knew what they were working for. He was a catastrophic. But the corresponding salary. It was seen that the patient was not treated properly. Physical and physical stress on the medical staff. All the money was paid, so that they paid extra money for this. It was a polite doctor who wanted to work. If you’re looking for something more ”from them. No, drunk cattle and doctors have always been disgruntled by menopause.

Sobyanin Over the past 3 years, the situation has changed dramatically. There, we’ve got to know our country. It is a global catastrophe. Doctors simply do not have the opportunity to fully work. MHI Fund (compulsory medical insurance), it simply makes it possible for women to get medical care. How do they do it? It’s very simple to follow the rules of the hospital and the doctors.

It is the rate (these are 10-13 duty). And it is in the city of Moscow. In voronezh, it’s about 12,000 rubles. With the ever-increasing amount of work, the doctors will not have the money. At the same time, the representatives themselves OMS fund he wanted to be treated according to their standards and require quality assistance. Hospitals and maternity hospitals are being closed, ambulance medical teams are being abolished. As a result, doctors began to retire from medical institutions. And those who stayed are silent. Because all this chaos is done within public health optimization program. It is also a case of death for young children. They are silent.

Personal opinion

I love my job, I’m helping and helping people to improve. But There are simply no medicines and supplies left in my unit. And I work in a large city hospital in Moscow! You can go to the Serpukhov hospital, where you were told openly: – They offered to inject their medical conscience, such as “I did what I could.” Here I am a hospital, where I work as an anesthesiologist and resuscitation specialist. We, as before, began to sterilize disposable instruments, because they are few. We have nothing to treat you!

But it’s not even that scary. It is terrible that doctors will be treated as attendants! There was some kind of failure. I would like to ask people what to ask for your help. You say: “If you don’t like it, quit it!” It was spent on helping your loved ones? You will also have to ask the trainee. It can be expected from the population.

The car has become the norm. You don’t need to take medicines prescribed by the doctor, and then complain. To me, the doctor, modern patients are so lazy to get up. It does not reach the population. If you’ve been “sent” in the 90s, you can’t. He was and will remain a doctor. And you will be left alone with your problem. Remember, it’s not a long time ago, the driver’s license was issued. Something like a “brawler” or “can be taken.” I’m a doctor who has the same “pido … special personalities” base. You say:
– It doesn’t threaten me, I have a good attitude to doctors. Then about whom, if not written about you here? I’m feeling like I’ve been a doctor?


Medicine today is going through hard times. You are not treated by doctors and state doctors. It’s clear. If you don’t have anything to do with it, then you’re doomed to death. The doctor is not obliged to you. What you want. When you meet a doctor, it’s time to go. Skip the fast ambulance car somewhere. It can happen to your mom or child. Do not go about public opinion. Be people!

About modern doctors and survival. Sight from the other side

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