About the book “The Art of Survival”

About the book “The Art of Survival”

It is a heroic choice to choose from them. It is a suspicion of the readers. The ability to successfully overcome them. In this vein, and sustained this book.

The author of the book “The Art of Survival”, Alexander Buryak

* * *

In general, it is not a problem. It is a woman who has been drinking water. Such nonsense can cost you innocent people.

From time to time periodical materials appear in periodicals. There are three journals published here. I’m not going to let you go.

For example, it can be used as the meat of the meat. I wonder what consistency is still? Recommends that women wear shoes with “heels” in order to beat them. I wondered if she tried out her hairpin, “get a hairpin”, get her hair? And, perhaps, it’s time to wear shoes along the way?

Another well-known survival specialist in the desert has been: At the bottom of the package supposedly water will accumulate. It can be a little bit harder to reduce the amount of condensate. it will be able to use even if it is thoroughly stocked with packages.

If you want to clean up your hair There is no need for a moving crowd. It doesn’t accumulate. It makes it possible for you to consider it.

In general, there are plenty of unsuccessful publications in this area. It is possible to find out what you need.


When writing the book “The Art of Survival” the following sources were used:

  • Situations in dangerous situations.
  • Descriptions of “Robinson”
  • Art books and films: detectives, action films, thrillers, etc.
  • Elements of training reconnaissance and sabotage units.
  • Various schools of martial arts (jiu-jitsu, karate, aikido, etc.).
  • Chronicle of accidents, accidents, natural disasters, crimes.
  • Instructions on labor protection and safety.
  • Traditional cultures, exhibits of ethnographic museums.
  • Own adventures and experiments of the author.

This is an example of what has been said. There are no comments on this subject. to death and others suffering. , as is the case among the soldiers-comfrey, fed up with the horrors of war.

What is this book about?

Subject of this book of survival. It is not absorbed and it is not absorbed. It is a paradoxical, strange and frivolous, but they are useless. It has been noted that it has been the case that there have been significant losses,

Generally speaking, it seems at least that it seems to us. It doesn’t include those activities.

The following components can be distinguished:

  • necessary for all, necessary for some;
  • unobvious, obvious;
  • important, secondary;
  • what you need:
    – It is not necessary to keep in memory.
    – keep in the directory, which is always at hand;
    – have books in your personal library.

This book contains mainly the text placements.

This is a set of factors that can be chosen in various ways:

By hazard sources – associated with:

  • the natural environment (its living and inanimate part);
  • artificial environment (human products);
  • social environment.

For harmful effects – associated with:

  • mechanical stress;
  • thermal effects;
  • electricity;
  • poisonous substances;
  • radiation.

By protected object – associated with protection:

  • organism (stomach, eyes, lungs, etc.);
  • psyche;
  • of things;
  • position in society.

According to the needs provided:

  • associated with the provision of food, sleep, purification, heating, etc.

On the action of harmful factors – associated with:

  • by wars
  • natural disasters
  • technical disasters
  • economic crises
  • etc.

By way of protection:

  • stockpiling
  • duplication
  • the use of protective devices
  • skills development
  • hardening
  • management of body processes
  • location selection
  • etc.

By areas of knowledge:

  • studied by epidemiology,
  • psychiatry,
  • chemistry
  • forensics
  • etc.

Various combinations of classification signs give situations that have different probability and significance. This is what you’re looking for.

The following features can be highlighted:

  • It is not a reference book, but it is a textbook that seems to be worthy of memorization.
  • Home-made products are not available: off-the-shelf tools.
  • It is essential for survival.
  • Others are not considered.
  • He wants to achieve significant results at a low cost.

It is not a question to consider, for example, ways to cope with it, or not. It is also not recommended.

It is a rule of thumb. There is no need for any information. It is not clear that it is not the most correct.

It will be a little bit different. It is a woman’s mind.

This has been a matter of concern for your quality. Do you want to travel around the Tibet, etc.? He didn’t need to be hungry for a long time, etc. And in general, it’s not possible. It is not necessary to approve the readers, despite the fact that him and can be personally certified by him.

On the effectiveness of the book “The Art of Survival”

It’s still not a matter of course, since it’s not allowed. But there is no doubt that there is a need for it. Experience has been shown to be a hazardous situation.

In the case of the girlfriend of the city administration.

This is not the case for those troubles. Nevertheless, it’s not possible to say that they’re enough. Or help them to rejoice in the fact that their life is gray. More than that, it’s not a problem.

It can be your luck. In particular, it’s maintain a good mood.

* * *

In the case of a woman should be in public, she was in the country. It is a fact that it can be achieved. It is necessary for society to restructure its value – even to the detriment of abundance.

author of the text – Alexander Buryak, the editors – LastDay.Club
from the book The Art of Survival

About the book &# 171; The Art of Survival&# 187;

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