About the knife fight. Briefly and capaciously

Given that I often asked on this topic, I would venture to speak. It’s a bit of a mess. I’m going to go. I will hang on drinking trees. In short, I’m not sure that this is the case. Anyway …

To begin with, I have absolutely nothing to do with Sports knife fight (SNB), this this is my huge disadvantage. It is a person who doesn’t practice SNB, can’t say Great Knife Fight. And I just do not do it.

I adhere to a few simple truths:

  • A knife fight is when you are with a knife. The enemy is not important.
  • If you’re a knife
  • Cut will have only in extreme cases.
  • Overwhelmingly, have to to prick.

I.e, knife fight – this thing is very simple. As both in all combat clashes, both sides seek to finish it as quickly as possible. That is, there will be multiple approaches. It’s possible to disperse. It was not possible … I also disagree.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is very simple. it power injection, power cut and the willingness to donate. For me, for example, there have been several critical piercing blows. It is not possible to make sure that you can’t get it. That is, do not know how to prick and cut. There is no dispute. But the question of their effectiveness …

First of all, we’re wearing clothes. And about 7-9 months a year – quite a lot of clothes.

We’ve seen all photos with terrible incised wounds. But at the same time What kind of country? It will not be cut but stabbed. It is not necessary to take specific knives (of the same type Kondrata, NDK and the like), it is very difficult to cut the compactor by simply waving a knife. Besides the jacket, it would be harder to cut through the body.

Moreover, even in the clothes sometimes fails to reach the goal, because Separate the person. Therefore, it becomes a funeral for the person. very often not at all where it was planned.

Therefore, in fact, it is more primitive. It’s a bit of a break.but it is not about pushing away, but about pushing away and dragging), and with a working hand hold a quick power work with a knife in the face and neck areas (if circumstances allow). If not, exactly the same power work on critical organs.

Strength work implies that it will be the same. That is, I will beat myself (without weapons) turned out to be sensitive.

I’m trying to make it my own way.pivot point). It can lead to anything good.

The same applies to working with cut. If I have to cut (there is not even a minimal opportunity for swinging, or a blade is shortI am trying to concentrate on my body.

And it’s not allowed. I now speak exclusively about myself. And I can’t say anything at all. Neither about his experience, nor about his qualifications.

And still, before I start getting ebooks, I don’t think that SNB This is bad. It allows you to develop physically, it allows you to develop reaction, speed of thinking. So it is definitely useful. Just personally, I’m from SNB far for many reasons. However, I don’t consider this way. We are just different. Highly.

Fsyo, went to collect the suitcase.

Wolf ops

About the knife fight. Briefly and capaciously

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