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Anatoly Levin about Boar sappers. It is a fact that it has been found. This, if in brief.

He tried it.

The author’s authoritative portal “Lugansk Information Center”.

It is trying to keep up with the Internet, but …

So, how can you manage to reach the Ukrainian media, then a certain expert, and finally – representatives of the free press. Fool’s duck.

… Anatoly Levin appeared on the Internet, a “bioecologist” from the “Zaporozhye” ATO “. This “expert” suggests using “trained men’s wild boars” for demining “fields and heaps” of Donbass …

Wild animals are untenable – an expert.

It was a mockery of our children. This is a Lugansk Inform Center, which was named after May 1, which is Lugansk zoo, Svetlana Oxengorova.

In the end of the 19th century, she received comments on the issue.

In particular, it was raccoon dogs, who were unknowingly calling raccoons, search for mines. In the video, you can see how they approached them.

Anatoly Levin’s “Bioecologist” from the Zaporozhye, appeared on the Internet at the same time as he appearing on the Internet. framework of the so-called “ATO”. This “expert” suggests using “trained men’s wild boars” for demining “fields and heaps” of Donbass.

“To paraphrase the words of Professor Preobrazhensky, I will say -” They just have nothing to write. How can wild animals be trained? This is complete nonsense, “- sure Oxengorova.

“Where are the raccoons?” In fact, the raccoons do not live on the territory of Ukraine. We are raccoon dogs, they are a completely different animal, ”she explained.

“It takes more than one month. These dogs cost a lot of money. So this is a dog. Therefore, it is impossible to train a dog deputy director of the park.

“It’s possible to make it a lot of funeral marks. “I’m sure specialist.

Plans for the use of boars in demining also caused by bewilderment at Oxengorova.

“Pigs have a lot of fun.” For example, it was ridiculous.

LuganskInformCenter – August 12 – Lugansk

In general, what am I all about …

Reading, reading, reading and reading It can be a question.

Thank you for your attention and stay with us. We, if we write nonsense from time to time, then this nonsense is deliberate, harmless, and sometimes even beautiful. Here’s how. Although it’s tied to guns, we’ve been tipped to shine. But we just need that :))

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