About the military and the people

I’m stumbled upon reading


In the courtyard dofigatskhhrenznamezka year. Humanity has colonized something. Large-scale galactic wars with aliens no longer fifteen hundred years. In peace of mind.

Science, which is the only remaining non-automated industry, deals with a meager of 1% of the population. All others are engaged in the art industry, all sorts of blogging, gaming and the entertainment industry. From useful – there are still rescuers. Very cool, but very unpopular guys. Well, since – non-intellectual at all.

Well, no one is involved in sports yet. Because eSports is the future. And watch your appearance – the lot of primates. Man must be beautiful intellectually.

And now, suddenly – the galaxy is in danger. Evil aliens fly all kill. With scope and special cynicism.

Rescuers fight back and rescue from the last forces. Intellectuals – Get in the direction of the dead space. So that means not to experience aggression.

It is a mighty military leader. And, climbing the podium – authoritatively establishes a code of laws:

  1. From now on, humanity is divided into two categories: Citizens of Commonwealth. It is a civilian of the Armed Forces. There are no exceptions. It is a state crime.
  2. For life of the Commonwealth is ten years.
  3. For everyone who wants to serve. The peace age for peace service is twenty-one years. Acceptance of peace of mind is earlier than thirty-one years.
  4. It is a resident of the Commonwealth and it doesn’t have citizenship. Since it doesn’t From now on, to be granted citizenship simply to be born is not enough; you will still have to prove your usefulness to the race.
  5. It’s not a problem. He has also been involved in a wide range of economic activities.
  6. It is obliged to render assistance to non-citizens during a war.

An interesting concept. And quite logical. If you want to have your people. If you don’t want to

About the military and the people

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