About the rush when shooting

Faster does not mean better!
By: Dr. Neil Olshan

Hurry is when it comes to physical actions.
It can be used to perform physical exercises.

Need for speed

We, from an early age, argue that wins speed. And, as a member of society, we’re not going to keep up to speed.

Us should strive for speed. “Speed ​​= success” is repeated. But is it? This is the best way to make it. faster won. But speed without cognitive (mental) processing can lead to unpleasant results.

Remember how many times the speed hurt you. We have solved three or four questions. We are late for the reception. We’re trying to make it easier, and we’re even more behind. There are many examples where rush leads to negative results.

Examples of haste

  • During the competition all-round shooting, you can’t make it easier to reload your rifle faster than the rounds from the speedstriper.
  • If you’re looking out for your daughter,
  • Eliminating exercise delay, You forget it is important to prevent trouble. And you will now have problems.

The negative effects of haste

  • reduced cognitive / mental performance
  • increasing the number of unintentional errors
  • making wrong decisions
  • heightened anxiety
  • reduced situational awareness
  • muscle fatigue
  • destructive and distracting thoughts
  • impaired vision and ability to scan space
  • motor skills
  • difficulty changing focus
  • Tunnel vision
  • reduced ability to control anger and fear

The most important thing is the feeling of the weapon and the feeling of the weapon. “

Activators rush

Exceeding the permissible speed doesn’t happen by itself — there are activators for it. The most frequent activator is fear. It’s a pre-emptive fear.

Heart rate monitoring

The fastest and most effective method struggle with haste – control of breathing, which, in turn, reduces the heart rate. The manifestation of haste has been increased. It is a positive effect. Below are a few methods. breath control, designed to facilitate heart rate control. It can be found on the Internet, but you can not use it. The trick is in practice. If you can find out, then you need to do it. The only way.

Method 1

Place your hand during the breathing. Slowly inhale, pause, count to three. Exhale, pause, count to three. Breathe deeply for one minute, pausing for three counts after each inhalation and exhalation.

Method 2

Take a deep breath, “I”, while inhaling, say “under control”. Repeat slowly five times.

You must control all your time!

Realistic learning

Speed ​​gains are gained through a carefully planned cycle of learning, survival, self-defense, etc. At the same time, it is an absolute necessity. It’s your time to be a policeman. These “weak links” are, most often, the result of haste. Therefore, we must strengthen the train and conduct more “hard” and realistic training. This is a chain of skills and reflexes.

There are many different courses. where situations are modeled from reality, but for example, face-to-face airsoft weapons training. In the

To summarize, young Padawan

So, young Padawan, this is only the beginning. Diligently select the appropriate training program and begin to practice. Do not forget the sniper mantra “mistto” take your time in a hurry. “And may the Force be with you.

About the author: Doctor Neil Olshan is the developer of the technique “Evolution Nastroy»And it works as a psychologist-consultant for professional athletes. He is also a pilot, certified author, of non-fiction books. Lms defense.

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

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