About the tactical wife

Being a big fan of things tactical, I eventually got one interesting and rare thing – tactical wife.

It would seem, than tactical wife different from the civilian version, say, tourist and hiking? Molle it doesn’t hang, in a protective color can not paint. At least for a long time.

Tactical wife – This will be the number of your reconnaissance troika (the third will be a kinder). She also monitors the task of the assigned task. If necessary, it should be noted. Tactical wife – number of various functions. A kind of multitul with boobs. Boobs – this is important.

So what tactical wife differs from others? It is a great deal to look at the difference between military weapons and military weapons; The instrument is a weapon, a precision instrument, So here. Tactical wife understands your couple tactical a bunch If you are an aircraft of the attacker, you’re consciously taking the lead

It may seem that tactical wife – this is something unimaginably large, armored and with iron will. This is not true. This is first wife. With all that it implies. And her tactical properties are your tuning, your hand-made. It will be carefully you work. It can be understood that it can not be a problem.

It is also important from which the work started. It is no secret that from the tourist version tactical wife make it easier, but there are exceptions. It all depends on the specific situation. By the way, here’s another interesting observation: if tactical wife It becomes a rainy day. She can lose her tactical This is what they say, what happens after giving birth. tactical properties in full almost never returned. So be careful!

To tune wife before tactical version or not – the personal choice of each. Here it should not think twice. Do you want it? Everyone has their own answer.

I made my choice. And I do not regret. Will you have the same, I do not know. Just do not say that I did warn …

About the tactical wife

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