About two eyes

The thing is obvious. Objective, it would seem, the truth. And a lot has been said about this. And, moreover, very clever people, not like me. But, one way or another, this question regularly arises. And why I don’t speak.

Let’s start from the opposite. From aiming with one eye.

If you work on a picture of the world of sight. Due to what? I will not ship inferior zaumyu. But thanks to the fact that we create monocular vision – we concentrate on combining the target with sighting devices as much as possible. That is, it’s all the same. Also, in addition to hitting the target, the shooter usually spends concentration to check the results of the shot. I.e:

  • Shot
  • Control
  • If necessary, either a second shot

In any case, despite the fact that the shooter leads you to the eye as much as possible. After all, you need to relax your muscles. In this sense, the eye muscles are no different from the biceps.

If you’re a shooter, you’ll scroll through this cycle rather quickly. However, there is one more thing. If you are a shooter, it is not one-eyed, it will help you. That is blink binocular vision.

Again, you can’t say that this process takes place quickly. I will not argue. Moreover, when shooting at a distance of 100-150 meters, you’re a little bit harsh, you’ll have to do it. It is a fact that it is necessary. And when using standard weapons, more and constant flash. In short, there is a transition from monocular to binocular vision.

In fact, it is important to monocular vision. It’sa noticeably smaller angle. Although, of course, also complicates the task.

Again, it’s not a problem. We are trying to grasp, appreciate and prioritize your eye. Instead of the two. It is also heavily loads the mental sphere. Mindfulness as a mental phenomenon. Using monocular vision I love you two.

Actually, all the benefits binocular vision in combat mode, they arise as the inverse aspects of the monocular. There are two channels of perception. Time and effort to stabilize vision. It is the result of the shooter. In addition, it is important that it has a positive effect.

That is, everything is clear. However, the army riflemen and Interior Ministry are monocular vision. Exceptions only prove the rule.

Rifle training

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