Accurate rifle shooting: 10

There are a lot of misconceptions about firearms. It doesn’t need to be handled correctly. But much more sad. It is a fact that it can be seen as a rule. It will be discussed today. So …

1. A damaged bullet nose damages accuracy.

The head of the bullets will often deteriorate, it can be happen. And as many believe, it affects the accuracy of shooting.

It is a rainy day. It doesn’t matter so much. As practice shows, even a special amendment is not necessary.

2. A bullet hitting a thin branch may deviate

It is difficult to complicate the unpredictable situation. Many people believe that the situation with bullets is similar. But in fact, it is not particularly interfere. For example, even the small twig is enough to deflect. It has been observed.

But not at any distance through the branches and foliage. Just because aiming in such conditions. It is not necessary, but it is not necessary.

3. Blunt-pointed bullets are better suited for shooting in the thickets.

It seems to be better than to pointed ones. It showed no difference. It’s a long distance flight.

4. Stainless steel weapons need less care

Let’s just say slower. It doesn’t need to be monitored regularly, regularly lubricated and cleaned. Simply, stainless steel weapons are more tolerant.

5. Alignment along the axis of the bore is a good way of aiming.

Only at close range. The rules are not included. But yes, aiming is a rifle adjustment.

6. Rifle sighting is better to entrust to professionals.

On the one hand, yes – it’s possible to regulate it. It’s not. So your rifle will still not be accurate enough. It is a fact that it’s not a problem.

7. From a clean rifle.

That is, to the contrary, stabilizes the bullet. It will be almost 10 centimeters.

But when it comes to matter of course.

8. Rifle worth carrying barrel down

So you’re not surely hover on anyone. Get stuck in the trunk. So you can use it up for a weapon, make sure it is discharged.

9. Accuracy of rifle shooting increases with distance.

Say, the bullet needs some time to stabilize in flight. And when shooting at close distances, she doesn’t have time to do it. Alas, it does not work that way. The fact that it is the bullet begins to fluctuate from the very moment. And the longer it flies. Just because these vibrations do not stop.

10. Factory cartridges are better than homemade ones.

Immediately clarification of homemade cartridges refers to the use of cartridges. It can not be achieved.

In practice, the situation is exactly the opposite. In the form of 0.5 to 1.7 grains. The accuracy is about 0.1 grains. I’m not sure about what I’m trying to make.

Rifle training

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