Acid oxidation of barrels and metal parts of a weapon, applying a rusty varnish, boiling out, painting, oiling.

The barrels and metal parts of the weapon, on the surface of which acid oxidation was carried out using the “rust varnish” composition, can resist corrosion for a long time, being in the most adverse weather conditions. 

Acid oxidation of trunks and metal parts of weapons, applying a rusty varnish, boiling out, painting, oiling.

Before applying the composition, the rusty varnish should be sanded, polished and degreased. The time between degreasing the metal surface and acid oxidation should be minimized so that an oxide film does not form on the metal surface.

, batteries in the oven. The metal will become a light red color as it dries. During the drying process, the color changes from light red to dark orange. The dried surface of the trunks should be covered with “rusty varnish” a second time and repeat the drying procedure. As a result, the surface of the trunks should be uniform dark orange.

The removal of gun trunks in the oxidation process.

First you need to prepare a boiling solution. In a boil-out bath, you can use a piece of a 100-mm pipe with a welded bottom and a heating element from an electric kettle, pour water, but not tap water, water. Tap water contains various additives, due to which the process of boiling will not work.

For the oxidation of organic substances in water, it is necessary to add nitric acid at the rate of 1-1.5 ml per liter of water. Then you need to boil the water in the tank for several minutes, after which the bath for boiling out the gun trunks is ready for work.

Weapons trunks, covered with a layer of oxides of dark orange color, must be boiled in a boiling boiling solution should be for 15 minutes. In the boiling solution, the oxides of dark orange color should go into the iron oxide velvety black color.

If during the first boiling out the metal did not turn black in some places, but remained “rusty”, do not worry, this sometimes happens during the first boiling out. This happens either if you poorly degrease the part, or poorly washed with a degreasing solution.

Gun barrel trimming during oxidation.

For this operation you will need a round electric brush. You can make such a brush as follows. At a hardware store, buy a fine mesh of wire with a diameter of 0.1-0.15 mm, cut a few squares or circles with scissors, cut a hole in the center and assemble the entire bag on a mandrel with a nut and washer. The electric drive can be a drill, grinder, electric motor, etc. When working with a brush, be sure to wear eye protection.

Clean gun arms and other parts from loose plaque of iron on the edge brush to obtain a shiny black film on the entire surface of the metal. In those places where the metal does not turn black and remains “red”, oxidation will not occur for the first time.

But this is not scary, since the acid oxidation procedure you performed is only the first of eight. The fact is that the total number of barrel coatings with “rust varnish” should be at least eight. Accordingly, there must be four boiling procedures and four brimming operations.

Oiling, as the final operation of the acid oxidation of weapon trunks.

After the fourth brushing operation, the metal surface will turn graphite in color. To remove the remaining moisture from the oxide film, which has a thickness in the range of 0.6-1.5 microns, it is necessary to carry out the operation of the final acid oxidation – oiling.

The oiling procedure consists in immersing the oxidizable parts in a container with heated neutral oil. You can use any machine oil, heated to a temperature of 105-110 degrees. Oiling lasts about 5 minutes. It is not recommended to use cold grease because it will not fill the pores of the oxide film due to its high viscosity.

Based on materials from the book Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Manufacture and repair.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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