Acorns, useful properties, history and recipe for tincture “Mountain oak tree” from acorns and oak chips.

Acorn is an oak fruit (beech family). Like other nuts, it contains B vitamins, PP, vitamins, minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.), tannins. Acorns in history have been used for food. Including pets, cooking acorn flour, acorn coffee, etc..

Acorns, useful properties, history and recipe for tincture “Mountain oak tree” from acorns and oak chips.

Acorns are considered in folk medicine useful in the treatment of pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, and the genitourinary system. Acorns are harvested in October-November. Acorns of a very common English oak are quite suitable for preparing tinctures..

History of tincture “Mountain Dubnyak”.

The Mountain Dubnyak tincture was produced and sold both in tsarist Russia and in the Soviet Union for more than a hundred years. Many people remember the famous episode from the Soviet movie “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession”:

– Do you drink vodka? – asks the young inventor of the time machine Timofeev asks Tsar Ivan the Terrible.
“Anisova,” the emperor answers..
– Unfortunately, no, Anisova. Capital, drink! …
– Hello, boyar! – drinks, – the key keeper made vodka?

Acorns, useful properties, history and recipe for tincture “Mountain oak tree” from acorns and oak chips.

At the same time, little is known that in the original (the play of the same name by Mikhail Bulgakov, 1934) the tsar was treated with a completely different drink – tincture “Mountain Dubnyak”:

“Timofeev. You drink vodka?
John. Oh woe to me! .. Anisova.
Timofeev. I have no anise. Drink a mountain sheepskin, you will have a meal and come to your senses. So do I. (Takes out vodka, snack). Drink it. ”.

The Gorky Dubnyak tincture was created in honor of the victory of the Russian troops in 1877 over the Turks under the village of Mountain Dubnyak (Bulgaria). Mountain Dubnyak located on the access roads to the city of Plevna was fortified by Turkish redoubts. To take it was strategically important to stop supplying the fortress in Plevna.

The fortification was taken after artillery shelling and several bayonet attacks with heavy losses of the Russian army. Pleven was completely surrounded and cut off from the outside world. Especially great were the losses among the officers. So, in the Life Guards Grenadier Regiment of 49 officers only 15 survived. Alexander II sobbed when he read the lists of the dead, since he personally knew many officers.

The recipe for tincture “Mountain Dubnyak”.


Capsicum – 0.05 grams;
Black pepper – 0.25 grams;
Angelica pharmacy – 0.5 grams;
Ginger – 0.25 grams;
Kalgan – 0.3 grams;
Clove – 0.15 grams;
Oak (acorns) – 0.25 grams;
Oak (wood chips) – 0.25 grams;
Juniper – 0.25 grams;
Kohler – 0.8 grams;
Alcohol and water up to 40.0%.

Time: 12 days.

We infuse the components of the infusion first on 22.5 ml of 50 degree distillate for 6 days. Then another 6 days for 17 ml of 40 degrees, we filter. For 34 ml of infusion – 953 ml of 40.0% distillate. Add color (sugar caramel).

Based on the book “Walnut Boom. Tinctures, liquors. On vodka, moonshine, whiskey “.
Grigory Kotovsky.

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