Action in urban combat

It has been given that it has been able to make it out. does not hit in the back. Fire cover – The law in the war. It is supported by the two groups. It can be cut off and destroyed. In each group (platoon) create subgroups (“two”, “triples”).

Walking on the street

When moving away from the street, it should be in the distance of 6-7 meters (in some cases 3-4). It is possible to correct the movement of the parties in the windows, the balconies, the windows and the balconies, and the ditch, etc.

It is a small group of people who haven’t been on the ground. The grenade launcher is the enemy forgiving and the weapons and weapons, the gun nests and the snipers.

When the subunit (groups) advanced 60-70 m, the cover group has been tightened. There is a submachine gunners firing on targets located on the opposite side of the street. The cover group also should not be lost vigilance.

Movement with military equipment

The distance of 100–200 m. The equipment moves along the sides of the street.
In the case of troop compartment of military equipment.
In the case of the enemy’s fire fighting In this case, personnel can move in two ways:

  1. On the sidewalks, fences (used in cases where the movement was carried out);
  2. On the carriageway of the street (used when driving with low-rise buildings).

Observation when driving on street is organized by tiers. Under the fire and fire. On the armor during the battle.

In the streets of the streets and the streets of the streets of buildings. Normal distance between armored vehicles is 50 – 70 m. The vehicle will not be able to repair it (evacuation) with fire.

When it was detected, it was a fire on the floors. In addition, it was located on the “street of the street”. It’s not a problem.

  • Scouts must be marched to the right and left.
  • Do not rush forward.
  • Do not keep unchecked objects. The buildings are cleared of the second echelon.

Actions during the seizure of the building

It can be used to support the cover group. It is best to penetrate the assault. It is necessary to attract direct-fire, ATGM installations, etc.

It should be noted that it should be noted that it’s breaking back into the building. You must give the command “Splinters” to warn comrades. If the grenade is thrown by the enemy, the command “Grenade” is given. There is a chance to make your way up to the sides. It is a clear view of the situation. Then after the reloading of the weapon, they will move in the second echelon. Ammunition to break into the building requires a lot.

After the capture room carefully examined. One of the servicemen at this moment provides the fire cover, taking up a position at the doorway outside the premises. Pre-determined commands and instructions are used. After completing the inspection, the commander issues the command “Clean”, and then the “Exit”, thereby informing you of the schedule. Examined room is indicated by a sign.

The command “We go up” or “We go down” is given. Forwarding the peace of mind and forgiveness of the building and destroyed.

In the case of “stripping” “from the bottom up,” It was used to penetrate buildings, trees, rooftops, rooftops, rooftops, and rooftops.

Object capture should happen as quickly as possible, a stunning onslaught on the first try. To carry out an assault, every soldier of the assault group must be adamant.

Not one step back! There is no going back. Only forward. Onslaught – by fire!

This has a demoralizing effect on the enemy.

The second attack will be ineffective. The situation and navigate. The second time in an attack. During the second assault will be greater. Failure will not be affected.

It is about 10 meters if it’s possible to “stretch marks” in the room. Corpses can be mined, tape recorders, drawers of cabinets, curtains on windows (etc.)

Very often, it’s not possible. This is a cunning device. Inexperienced servicemen, try to knock out the door with the butts. Get through the door. In the correct version, it is unpredictable ricochets are observed. Attackers are on the sides of the door. It is a thrown at least a moment when the shooter is firing. There was a chance to go through the doorway, that’s how to make it. Again, it will cover up the peace of the assault groups. It is not clear that it is not a straight line, it is a hat, a padded jacket, an overcoat, etc. rushes. Where the diversion breaks through the door?

Do not come across the window, overcome, crouching, running, there is no guarantee.

To break into the non-capital wall panels (for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), and also to use balconies and loggias. It is clear that it’s possible to reach the street.

In the case of the grenades.

If you’re on the floor, you’ll have to go through the walls of

In the building of the building it is not necessary to make noise.

The assault group must be discussed in advance. It’s not a team action.

If you have taken a building, immediately fix it. Barricade the lower floors and basements. Determine the sector of shooting. If you want, you can alternately shoot from different positions. There are several buildings, a form of truly impregnable fortress. Completion of the situation. Do not leave uncontrolled objects by the enemy.

Radio communications in preparation for the assault should not be silent. It is impossible when the situation changes.

Fighting enemy snipers

Sniper tactics He has been provided with protection (3-5 submachine gunners), which is located nearby and the floors below the sniper. Sniper and gunners from the guard. The targets are selected: our snipers, command personnel, driver mechanics, gunners, crew of weapons, calculations of collective weapons.

It is a fact that the fire wall is the wall. It is a scrambled pattern that has been sprung from the bottom of the window. It’s time to run away from the bottom.

During the battle for Grozny, Chechen snipers developed a specific tactic. The first snipers are sought after. When other soldiers traveled to him from the battlefield, they also tried to get to their feet. Thus, “shot” three or four people, and then the sniper methodically finished them.

The group of 4-6 people is created (it’s the composition of the group commander, sniper, launchers; at night with the night sights). The following are the steps:

Make it a “bait” for a girl, show it a little bit, make it a little bit, even if the bait falls off, hit the enemy’s sniper. At night, it can be used as a “lure”.

It is a period of time for a person to use a window opening. this “bait” causes a sniper to fire night sight

(For his position).

Use the sniper rifle machine guns and grenade launchers. If it’s possible, you’ll not be able to get there.

There are immeasurably more different options in reality. It’s impossible to describe everything. You must be able to make decisions instantly. No templates. We are not all equally resourceful. One, having gotten a situation. The right decisions for all occasions.

Rifle training

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