Actions during the invasion of a robber or an attacker in a private house, action plan, preparation of the house, organization of interaction, response in the event of a crisis.

Homeowners often mistakenly believe that when they enter a private house in the middle of the night, a robber or an attacker, after they call for help, they have only two options: either wait for salvation or pray. However, in fact, a lot can be done to reduce the risk of injury, abduction or death..

Development of an action plan in case of invasion of a robber or an attacker in a private house.

The last thing you would like to do is make decisions during a crisis. Therefore, plan your actions in advance in order to then act primarily at the level of instincts. In this case, you will be one step ahead of the burglar or the attacker, who expects the effect of surprise.

Make a plan and implement it. This will increase your chances of survival. This approach is simple, but only a few families are guided by it in everyday life. Ensure that everyone living in the house not only knows the plan well in case of an invasion by a robber or an attacker, but also practices his points.

We have a pretty good idea of ​​what to do in case of fire, earthquake and tornado. Since both at work and in educational institutions, relevant exercises are conducted. However, there is every reason to believe that such training should be carried out at home. Focusing on how to save in case of danger everything that is especially dear to you.

Study all the evacuation routes and family gathering places that will be used in different scenarios of crisis development, and go through them. Decide, for example, whether you will gather in a neighbor’s house or in a park around the corner. If someone is trying to break into your home through the front door, will the parents go down to the orphanage to let everyone out through the back door. Or is it better to use the second floor window for this?

Algorithm of actions in the event of a robber or an intruder entering a private house.

Actions during the invasion of a robber or an attacker in a private house, action plan, preparation of the house, organization of interaction, response in the event of a crisis.

Preparing a private home for a robber or intruder.

In the rooms of the second floor, store portable emergency stairs. Let all family members practice their use. When developing a plan of action in the event of an invasion of a burglar or an attacker, consider how you can quickly go beyond the perimeter of your site. The backyard can easily become a place where family members will be held as hostages..

Although firearms need to be stored in compliance with certain requirements, objects can be located in different places of the house, which in extreme cases can be used as weapons. For example, baseball bats and spray bottles with bleach solution. As well as things useful during evacuation, such as Swiss army knives and razor blades. After all, you cannot know in advance in which room the hostage situation will arise, and therefore you need to consider all possible options.

Keep your mobile phones charged and at hand at night. Even better, if you prepare a set of necessary tools that will lie on your bedside table and come in handy in case of a crisis. Whenever you go to bed, take your car keys with you. May they be near you. They will come in handy if you need to leave quickly..

In addition, you can use them to turn on the car alarm. This will help attract the attention of neighbors or scare away a burglar or an attacker. If you have a modern security system installed in your home, check if the necessary applications are loaded on your phone so that you can send an alarm from it. And do not look for a remote control from this system throughout the house.

Stock up on food, water, hide weapons. All this should be in secure rooms equipped with barriers and having only one entrance. Doorways and locks should also be strengthened in these rooms..

Organization of interaction with family members in case of intrusion of a robber or an attacker.

Create an alarming word that is easy to make out even when it is pronounced in a whisper. So that, upon hearing it, family members could quickly and calmly warn each other in the dark about an emergency. And also come up with a signal that you will tell others that it’s you and not the intruder who’s going around the house.

In each room, determine in advance which sofas, chests of drawers and bookshelves can potentially be used as barricades. This will save you time when you prepare the room in which you will wait for help. Or from which you try to get out. Work out with family members once a year to make sure they don’t forget how to proceed according to plan.

Your response in the event of a crisis in the event of an invasion of a burglar or an attacker.

If a crisis occurs, do not turn on the light. Naturally, at the first signs that something is going wrong, we have a desire, almost reflexive, to turn on the lights and look around, but this will only be in the hands of the criminal. He will be able to find you faster.

Both you and your family members know your home better than an attacker. Therefore, when the light is off, he is at a disadvantage. If necessary, use a flashlight and inspect the rooms to make sure that you are safe.

As soon as possible, call the emergency number and click on the buttons that give an alarm. Start acting according to your plan. Take up arms immediately. A flashlight is very useful in this case. It can be used for a variety of purposes. From temporarily blinding an enemy to striking him in the head.

Do not lose sight of the defensive capabilities that ordinary household items potentially have..

For example, using an electric cord, you can hold or pacify an attacker. With a kitchen knife, you can attack him in response and cause serious injury. And any glass bottle is very convenient in order to forcefully lower it onto the head of the criminal.

Sometimes even with empty hands you can cope with an armed enemy and knock him down. And the chances of it increase if you join forces with other family members. The element of surprise also helps, thanks to which sometimes it is possible to disarm a robber or an attacker. However, I repeat again. In the event of an invasion of your home, your main concern should be to ensure safety – yours and your family.

To stun a burglar or cracker, try to inflict severe enough pain on him. And then run as fast as possible. Unless you are cornered and forced to fight, leave all the dirty work to law enforcement officers and quickly hide with your family members in a safe place.

Based on the book Survival in the Wild and Extreme Situations. 100 key skills in the special services methodology.
Clint Emerson.

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