Actions in case of brake failure, collision, vehicle under water and on railway tracks.

If the brakes fail while driving, shift gear and use the hand brake. You need to perform several actions at once: remove the foot from the accelerator pedal, turn on the alarm, swing the brake pedal, it can still work, shift the gearbox to a lower gear and apply the hand brake. 

Actions in case of brake failure, collision, vehicle under water and on railway tracks.

Do not pull the hand brake lever immediately to failure. Begin to periodically slow down and release the lever, then slow down again, but with great effort, until the machine stops completely. If there is no time for all this, then remove your foot from the gas pedal and switch to a lower gear, and also grab the hand brake lever with your hand, but do not pull it all the way until you are sure that the car is skidding.

, leave the car, help the children get out to a safely remote place. About 50 meters should be enough, because if the locomotive moves at high speed, it can scatter the wreckage of the car over a long distance. When the train is not visible or you see it at a distance of several kilometers, you must take measures to prevent a collision.

If the car can be pushed away, remove it from all the tracks, you cannot be 100% sure which route the locomotive will take. If there is an emergency phone, warn about the situation of the railway employee on the next leg. If there is no telephone, go in the most probable direction of the train. Stand away from the path, at a sufficient distance from it (high-speed trains form a strong air stream), and wave a bright piece of clothing or a piece of cloth to warn the driver. If he does his job properly, he should know that he is approaching the move and look ahead to check if there is a clear path..

Based on the book Complete Survival Guide for Extreme Situations, in the Wild, on Land and at Sea.
John Wiseman.

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