Actions of the driver and passengers in a car accident, causes of accidents and types of emergency situations.

The main causes of a car accident are poor driving skills, speeding, passenger distractions of the driver, alcohol or drug intoxication, sleep while driving, severe fatigue, sudden death while driving, disturbance of mental balance caused by severe stress, loss of visibility at night, in fog, sandstorm, in case of heavy rain or snow, engine fire or gas tank explosion, wheel rupture or cardan rupture at high speed, engine failure on a dangerous section of the road, brake system failure. All these causes in the final result lead to disappointing consequences.. 

Actions of the driver and passengers in a car accident and types of emergency situations.

Collision with an obstacle.

If it is impossible to escape from the strike, it is best to translate the oncoming strike into a sliding one. But it depends on the reaction of the driver and his experience..

and its detonation occurs. This happens mainly with cars running on gasoline. Diesel fuel ignition is extremely rare and then under certain circumstances. The car may catch fire due to a fault in the wiring and its circuit.

Fire inside the car.

It can also come from an unquenched cigarette, which is no less dangerous, since synthetic materials (plastic, upholstery) not only ignite and melt, but also emit poisonous gas when burning, in which you can suffocate before you get out of the burning cabin. Car ignition is perhaps the most dangerous type of car accident, since the car completely burns out within a few minutes. However, the most dangerous consequences of the fire, which could lead to an explosion in the gas tank and, accordingly, the car itself. Therefore :

At the slightest fire it is necessary to leave the car immediately, taking with it a car fire extinguisher (it should be located directly next to the driver’s seat).
Start extinguishing a fire with a fire extinguisher until it is completely stopped.
If there is a danger of explosion, run away as far as possible from the car and lie down on the ground.

Fall on a car of trees, stones, falling under an avalanche, in a sel.

This is one of the most dangerous cases of a car accident, since in most cases this situation is not only unpredictable, but also sudden. However, a chance to avoid getting into the sub-basin, mudflow or rockfall can be done if the traffic situation is correctly assessed and one does not try to slip through a dangerous section, especially forbidden to travel. When driving on mountain and especially dirt roads, you must be extremely careful when driving under snow cornices and avalanche or rockfall slopes, talus.

It should be remembered that snow and stone avalanches can come down from a loud sound (car signal, relaying, screaming, firing, etc.). It is especially dangerous to drive through avalanche slopes after a snowfall, and rocky talus or rock walls approaching close to the road after heavy rain. Heavy, heavy rains are dangerous and the occurrence of mudflow water-mud-stone flows, especially in gorges and valleys of mountain streams.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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