Actions when hijacking and hijacking an airplane, what to do and how to behave if you are taken hostage.

First, a few words about prevention. Do not fly in business class. Business class airplane passengers are the hostage category most beloved by terrorists. They are much more significant than ordinary passengers. The tourist class, of course, is less convenient, but safer. 

Actions when hijacking and hijacking an airplane, what to do and how to behave if you are taken hostage.

If you are going to fly somewhere, leave your military, paramilitary or even military uniform at home. And even more so police. They shoot the form first. After all, the terrorists do not know that you borrowed this tunic for force from the grandfather of the hero Hassan and Khalkhin Gol.

condition, proposed actions, etc..

You should be prepared for the fact that as a result of the battle between criminals and the forces of law and order there will be a fire, which means you need to find out the route of the shortest evacuation, protection of the respiratory tract, etc. And you should remember the signs of the criminals and their actions in case of subsequent interrogations. If criminals in the course of negotiations with the authorities begin to release part of the hostages and if you consider yourself entitled to claim priority rescue, try to portray a fit of illness that will not end in good without the intervention of the resuscitation team. Perhaps you will be believed. Extra corpses, and even more so convulsing patients, are unnecessary for criminals. They are pretty planned.

But since you escaped, be prepared to answer questions of the police and security services in detail. how many hijackers, where are they located, who is in charge, who are the performers, omens (height, hair color, clothes, special marks, etc.), what do they have, in what psychological and physical state they are, drunk or not, calm or inflated, when sleeping, where are the passengers, where is the crew, and with another five hundred what? Where? when ?, necessary to organize the assault on a captured airliner. So you’re already observing to mentally justify your earlier, to all other passengers, rescue.

If you are hit or even injured, do not scream, no matter how painful you are. Screams and complaints may draw attention to you. And they will help you with a merciful shot in the temple. Be patient. Bandage the wound with makeshift bandages. Apply harnesses. At the same time, try to act as calmly as possible, without sudden movements, cries, etc. I emphasize once again: the more you are invisible, averaged, the more chances you have of surviving. Any separation from the mass of passengers (appearance, behavior, excessive emotionality, etc.) attracts the unsafe attention of terrorists.

With an armed seizure of an aircraft (it doesn’t matter, criminals or liberators) it is safer to sit in chairs located near the windows than closer to the aisle. After the first blows into the hull, signaling that the special forces had launched an attack, undermining or knocking out spare doors and hatches, prepare for the explosions, now in the cabin, of tear and light grenades. Close your eyes, protect the airways and eyes with a cloth, hold your breath, and after dissipating tear gas do not try to rub your hands with watery eyes.

If the criminals are not watching you, try to crawl down to the floor, under the cover of the backs of chairs. If it’s impossible to go to the floor, bend as low as possible, cover your knees with your stomach, elbows on your sides, and with your palms your head and neck. No matter how scary you are, do not get up from the chair during the fighting, even to shout a toast in honor of the liberators who burst into the cabin or show them where the bandits hid. Special forces fighters are accustomed to shoot at any movement, and they don’t know who the criminal is, who is a civilian. Therefore, any of your sharp action can cause an oncoming shot.

If you heard the command Lie! do it with great zeal. Perhaps in a moment bullets will whistle above the seats. Do not try to help fighters releasing an airplane unless you have been personally asked to. Do not get off the seats or the floor, do not try to get out of the plane before the appropriate order. And if such an order was heard do not hesitate and forget about things. Then, when it’s over, come back and find them.

When jumping from an airplane to the ground, do not try to get to your feet, do not wave your arms, it is better to raise them above your head, do not try to get something out of your pockets or resist if you have been rudely treated. Most likely there are special forces below, for which any person who fell out of an airplane is a possible criminal. Hence the cruelty of circumvention, breaking out of hands, laying face to concrete, poking under the ribs, etc. Do not try to kick back in this competition. You won’t win even half a round..

After landing, let me do anything with you, and if you are not touched, quickly crawl to the side, remembering that you were not singular on the plane and other passengers will jump after you. Try to get out of the bump of their heels. And yet, when it’s over, try to forget what happened as a nightmare. A continuous return to questions, what would happen if? .. could undermine the healthiest psyche. Left alive from the alteration and all right. And if you did something wrong, you’re not a professional, you’re excusable.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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