Additional power sources: Beehive and bees

Man is a rather cunning creature. If he can definitely take advantage of it. Approximately, our distant ancestors reasoned when they were wild bees? On the one hand, these creatures highly they bite painfully, but they have very good honey. This is why it was so useful. So the bees decided to slowly domesticate. Well, as far as possible. Collapsible hive. They are collected and periodically multiply.

Do you know what the main problem of the beekeeper is? Time to isolate and prevent swarming. The number of orders of magnitude is increased, the number of orders has been determined. Work, I will tell you from personal experience, is difficult. If you’re not in the forest. And will be a tourist destination. Why? Well, look:

Bees are honey

Honey – the main product of these beneficial insects. In fact – fermented floral nectar, collected from a huge space. It happens specific – buckwheat, lime, flower. And sometimes it is not a little bit of everything. It has a huge nutritional value, stored indefinitely. It is an order to save it.

Bees are propolis

In fact, fermented resin collected from plant buds. Well, according to one theory. The second is a specially undigested pollen that bees feed on. Both theories have a number of confirmations – choose which one you like best. So, this substance is used to prevent honey from spoiling. And you, if you don’t have allergies, can use propolis as a powerful immunomodulator and a broad-spectrum antibiotic. But, again, if you manage it from the bees …

Bees are actually bees.

Eating the bees themselves is not a good idea. Hard chitin, poisonous sting, evil temper – all this clearly does not increase their nutritional value. But the larvae of bees, which are also called “baby” – is another matter. In fact, it is a defenseless protein, but it cannot escape anywhere. You can cook, fry and eat. The food is quite healthy. The main thing – to get …

Extraction of resources from the hive

There are thousands of furious, buzzing and poisonous guards. If you are allergic to bee venom – better not to try at all. At all. It is never enough to get out of the forest. If you are not a lot of you, then you can take the risk. So:


Suppose you have already found a nest. Living and acting. All the buttons, and the sleeves – with the gloves. If there are no gloves, try the best you can. It is a harder with your head … “arafatka”. This will protect you from the neck and back. An appendix is ​​always an essential element. It is unlikely that it will be possible to make a mistake. Transparent food film will bag. But there was no sign of it. So it’s better to be safe.

After checking the costume you need to find kindling. It is a fact that it is a very interesting thing to do. Like, forest fire, all the cases, it is necessary to dump, pre-stocked with food. In addition, smoke neutralizes pheromones, indicating the danger to the hive. So it is necessary to climb into the nest only after a thorough fumigation. In principle, everything will burn. Beekeepers, of course, of course, dry manure, but these are subtleties.
So, there is a suit, there is a keen desire for honey.


It is necessary to approach the nest carefully, not wagging convulsively with a branch. Everything is smooth and leisurely. This is the most dangerous thing. Next, do the fumigation. Crawl, and try to bite through clothes. If you’re particularly happy, you can’t get out the sting. You have already received your dose, you will deal with it later. Keep doing your thing. Try to reach the honeycomb. It is quite simple, try to place it at all distance. Breaking out a bit is not difficult. Greetings and efficiency – in principle, no bothers everything content. If you’re just in the morning, then you’ll simply be able to rebuild everything and train new reserves. Then it is a little family day or autumn. It is a good idea to make it so much. As a rule, it is closer to the edges – less. Eggs and larvae are also located in the central part. So taking 2-3 plates, you get everything you need. After that, it is slowly retreat, as far as possible from the devastated (albeit only partially) nest.

If you’re trying to get rid of it, you’ll get it. As you can see, there is nothing more complicated. If you are a woman, you need to take care of it.

Additional power sources: Beehive and bees

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