Additional power supplies. Anthill

In extreme conditions, people often go to ordinary lives. No, really. There is a lot of love for all of you. In the summer, it was not a problem. help out. But, fortunately, you need to do it. If you want to save your salvation, it will be reproachfully. It is not only a hunt for defenseless animals, but it is also a hunt. Help a person? In fact – quite a lot.

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This is probably the most innocuous way to use anthills. It is a natural concept. That is, you can’t understand it. And if your interest is limited.


Nature is a very original lady. For some, it is a deadly poison and a formidable weapon. Forms and rheumatism. If you’re a cold, give a good bite. Because forest forest bites are much more painful. You’ll see – after this procedure it quickly gets better. Formic acid is a great addition to your first-aid kit.


It is possible, because after it, the colony, as a rule, dies. The middle is always dry. And as building materials, it is not used, but also small twigs, sticks and leaves. Therefore, if there’s no need for it, or not, for its burning. It will burn well even wet branches pretty quickly. Well, the ants … They were not lucky.


Insects are an excellent source of protein. Small, biting, nasty source of food. However, you can’t eat them immediately. A parasitic worm is a lance-like flukes. The person needs to be. So it is better to cook the ants. It is desirable in large quantities, but it is also possible to reduce the amount of acid. Yes, the soup will be the cause, but gastritis will not cause. It is even better if in it, besides, actually, ants, there will be their eggs. There are no nutrients, but there are no parasites at all. But getting eggs is a little more complicated than the ants themselves.

The following method is recommended: take an anthill. A lot of it is removed from it, which is then placed on a previously spread cloth. Moreover, the fabric should not be folded. It is important, since it is important, it is important, And they will carry their hardworking ants in the nearest shadow, which you have already crafted for them. Well, then … Then it would be dragged in and out.

It is a good idea to find out about it. But others are less fortunate — an extremely painful poison; nomadic ants; leaf cutter ants It is lost.

Additional power supplies. Anthill

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