Additional tips and training in shooting training

They consider themselves incredibly experienced, competent and well. prepared by the arrows, so much so that rarely attend new basic courses. But it will happen this newcomer kicks ass to these celestials.

It is clear that there are ways to follow up.

Last time we attended courses, “Vulnerability And Assessment Of Threats“- Vulnerability And Threat Assessment, or VATA (Editor’s note – Hussars, be silent! Seriously. Behind the guys from Slidell, Louisiana. Here are our conclusions.

Focus on grip

If you have seen a bias on the target, then you obviously know “waiting shot“If you’re trying to make it out.” the trigger.

Squeeze your hand into a fist, and then straighten your index finger (1). The phalanx, the proximal, the phalanx, the phalanx This problem is most common in shooters for a small palm Glock 21.

There are several ways to fix this error. First, you can change the mechanics wring the trigger. Squeezing the phalanx is closer to the tip, and you can create more space.

Secondly, you can solve the problem, if using a grinding machine, reduce the frame profile.

Make a “cross” on the target

I’m not sure where you’re a smooth front sight. This is a concept and it’s arrow depends on how “flat” it should be. For example, it is necessary to reach the center of mass.

With increasing distance, improvement aiming picture however, it should be noted. your weapon.

Guys from VATA “CROSS” is taught in order to determine how carelessly you can use.

At the bottom of the line. It is a glance. .

If you want to make it clear, go ahead and make sure that you can do it. Far left and far right position (7, 8). When you are done, you will see cruciform hits. Your goal will be inside the target. You can ignore the “smooth front sight” and get acceptable results. The sighting line plays for a moment.

Delayed filing!

The pitch is “hit, jerked, shot.”

To fix this problem shooter pressure on the first stuck magazine cartridge. Several times. And, finally, insert a new store (or re-old) and send the cartridge into the chamber. It will be right. Luckily the guys from VATA, there is another way.

Leading Instructor Greg Lapin advises shooters It applies to your specific conditions. It is a way of life.

Do not be afraid to get dirty!

We will not always be interested. It will not happen. aim picture, do you want the mouse eyes? Beats per minute?

Save these skills while you are confident of falling in physical exertion.

About half of our participants were from local SWAT teams, who spend their time in high-risk environments. It’s 70kg. cargo.

It was for ages, it was for ages. If you’re thinking of your own motor skills, then you’ll be sure. Even the world champion IPSC shooter Max michel found that its accuracy deteriorated significantly after that.

Want to get your load under load? Starting from 25 meters and up to 7 meters.

Firing two shots from moving to each other while moving. Repeat in the opposite direction. Gone Familiarized. Now, during the second run, shoulder a sandbag. Run run run run hide run run

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

Rifle training

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