Adidas Boost Urban Hiker – reliable boots for any weather.

Adidas – one of the leaders in the production of clothing and footwear. Every time the company releases something new and cool. Trying at least. Novelty, they tried not to lose face.

So all terrain boots Adidas Boost Urban Hiker . This shoe can withstand almost any environment. Yes, you shouldn’t, of course, dive into a volcano. You can’t worry about it, such as marshy abyss, icy stones, mud, ice. Such conditions boots uneasy. However, it was cold. It doesn’t threaten the body of the legs.

The Adventas novelty materials are artificially, but very, very strong. The PrimaLoft insulator is made of boots. There are also damping inserts. The sole is a separate topic. It is also an EVA foam filler (it is also a tracker), it can be compared with it. .

In addition, these shoes are not matched, thanks to a well-thought-out ventilation system.

And finally, it should be said: 180 US dollars.

Well, we put in the basket and go to the checkout?

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