Adventure Time! Or how we opened the GO shelter

We passed through one of the industrial sites. So that you can’t see what has been abandoned, but mothballed buildings. We’ve been walking around the territory.

And so … We are walking around, In the middle of the law, it stands in front of the square bush. SQUARE! It would seem: well, a bush, like a bush … But everyone, even a beginner, digger knows

Yes … Our assumptions were true from the shelter. Bypassing the bush from all sides But after 5 minutes of working with the blade, the wire is still scaled. The guys are generally insolent. In the middle of the protected area of ​​the protected area. The adrenal glands, having developed a little adrenaline, said: “f-fup.” These are flowers. Further – more.

Gaze opened Laz down. There was no doubt that this would be a backup exit from the shelter. Without thinking for a long time. If you want, you can’t put salt or salt in the ass.

Tunnel. Yeah … About this wonderful smell of GO. And the refreshing coolness after the dullness of the street. Smell somehow special. It is also a clear concept that it can also be used to make it. I can not say exactly with what. Will understand me.

We found mittens from chemical. protection and a few traces of either construction or tactical boots. Almost every thought of the very first thought: looted, destroyed and littered. But, wires and lights remained in place. Thieves didn’t get here. There is hope …

It would be a protective door. Only one key was closed, but he was easily succumbed to the stalker’s hard hand. However, the door was holding something from the inside. “Lock” – we thought … We decided to get inside in a non-standard way. It has been shown that it has been a combination of four knots, extra lights, and scrap. What else do you need for happiness? It was not necessary to clarify the situation. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! .

Here we stand two underground, surrounded by concrete. Somewhere above, the guard may be sleeping. One of the clicks of the sunflower seeds. The adrenal glands are already pulsating noticeably, giving out the melody of some dubstep: “boo-boo-bam”. I think I even hear them pulsing in the other two. Yes, we returned back three of us. It was just made bricks.

I made a bang, I forgot my love, I’ve been hanging on a bang into the hands of stalkers. There is. Open! It’s not a problem.

Having it penetrated into the vestibule, it has turned out to have been sunk and, even in the open position, rested against the heel of the doorway. At least it is not a castle. The door opened and the door opened. The door is not even closed …

Looks at the Khimka opened … Stay … Chemicals ?!

For example “Hydrofluoric acid“.

“People who have inhaled vapors of acid should not be removed from the contaminated area, ensure that there is assistance. It is necessary to reduce the risk of flushing the stomach. Do not artificially induce vomiting. “

Fuh … Well, that guessed not to touch the bottle.

Next, inspected the posters. She was in the middle of a shelter of civil society. However, in this bunker, there were many posters dedicated to protection against chemicals. Gas filter for gas masks. By the way, there are 7 types of them. They again looked at Khimka. “Oh, yes, exactly.”

Radio receiver “Mayak-202”. Not stolen. In its place. And even included in the radio point. We definitely like this place. What will be next ?!

Stock. Boxes with gas masks GP-5 and water tanks … Well, yes. What should have been expected ?! As usual: all “gaziki” from old age turned into a rotten, almost homogeneous mass. If you are not so much about anything,

Wardrobe! “No, thanks, it is not very warm either. Leave camouflage on yourself! “

Guards with toggle switches for oxygen pumps. The buttons and twist the tumblers?

In the case of the bunker, it was found that it was not a pump. In an emergency, you could start the engines manually. It prevents the ingress of radiation particles inside.

Another room. They were long overdue. Most likely, even the owners of the building. Only posters remained. They were removed from the walls. There is a possibility that they would not be allowed to go through it. with security and cameras.

Quite interesting posters. There is even a map of Latvia with marked routes. After reading the “garbage”. There is no garbage in such clean bins. These are all artifacts.

A gas mask passport was lying on the floor … We have not yet met such a car. This is the find …

“Insulating masks (IP-46 and IP-46M), regardless of their properties and concentration. IP-46M mask is preferably designed to exit out and under the water. “

Wow, wow … If you find it, it will be great. Gas mask is quite rare.

Filter class A. Previously, we didn’t come across this.

“Provides highly effective protection against organic substances (gasoline, benzene), organochlorine, organo-phosphorus”

And here was a handsome man. Left: GP-5, GP-4, PMG-2 (SHM-66u), IP-46. Also on the floor. protection. Not bother to pull. Bastards. And if the war ?! “Let there be light, said the electrician.” Before the playout of the stalker Click-Click. And the room is lit up the gentle rays of the Soviet lanterns. It was a shock. We all marveled aloud out loud …

We closed the doors to the bunker.
Began the second stage of the journey. Trying not to slap on the floor, and joyfully flicked all the switches. Like a new year. The light turned on almost everywhere. The bunker appeared in the light of the word …

One way went to re-click. But, alas … It was a dead room. shine a lantern.

But we found such an interesting layout in the corner …

If you want to travel over the past few years, you can’t even decide on the layout …

P.S. This is a carved beautifully in voluminous letters. It is a good idea to take care of it. After all, dangerous chemicals lie in the shelter.

Oh, by the way, why were we surprised at the switched on light ?! After all, we were in place … Apparently forgotten for joy …

The refuge of GO, of course, is in better condition than 90% of the bunkers we know. However, it’s not my life. The floor is covered with chemicals and sticky chemicals. Do you really want to protect yourself? From the worker, in the bunker, only light. Everything else is dusty and long rotten trash.

In addition, it was clear that they would be able to get what they say? Thank you for attention.

Sincerely, Your Brickman

Adventure Time! Or how we opened the GO shelter

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