AEK-999 “Badger” Silent machine gun for special forces

Machine gun “Badger” developed at the Kovrov mechanical plant. The purpose of the machine gun is to upgrade the PKM machine gun (Kalashnikov Machine Gun Modernized), to eliminate its main shortcomings, such as the insufficient survivability of the barrel of the machine gun and its accuracy. Machine gun AEK-999 was created simultaneously with the work of designers in TsNIITOCHMASH (Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering – explanation LastDay Club) above the machine gun 6P41 PMC “Pecheneg”.

The principle of operation and design of the machine gun “Badger” Inherited from the Kalashnikov PKM machine gun.

The issue of increasing the survivability of the barrel was solved by using steel of the same grades used in aircraft guns. For mounting the barrel in the receiver was used press fit. Longitudinal ribbing is created on the trunk up to half the length: this allows the trunk to cool quickly and does not require its replacement. From the effect of “mirage” (the effect appears when the hot air rises up, distorts the view) protects the metal tire mounted on top.

The accuracy of the machine gun was increased with the help of a flame arrester, a kickback compensator and a muzzle brake. The bipod is placed further from the muzzle cut, and its attachment point has been changed in order to reduce the influence of this loaded point on the accuracy of fire.

Also, the barrel is equipped with a carrying handle and a plastic forearm, so that it is convenient to use the machine gun during firing from the hands. In addition, the machine gun is equipped with a removable device for low-noise shooting. The device greatly reduces the acoustic load on the shooter, and does not unmask its firing position with noise and a muzzle flame.

TTX machine gun AEK-999 “Badger”

Caliber 7.62 mm
Cartridge 7.62 × 53 mm
Machine gun weight 8.74 kg
Length 1188 mm
Barrel length 605 mm
Initial bullet speed 825 m / s
Rate of fire 650 in / m
Combat rate of fire 250 in / m
Sighting range 1500 m
Tape capacity 100, 200 rounds


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