Aggression and cruelty in battle: Aggression and adequate behavior

“We’re killing strangers
So we don’t kill
(c) Marilyn Manson

And yet, let’s try to figure out what is aggression, with it it is eaten. Before we start discussing the psychopaths and other aspects of course. I also recall that we are talking about aggression in certain life circumstances, so consider aggression, as a social phenomenon, we will not.

As mentioned in the previous part, the problem is largely that the term “aggression“Is now heavily spoiled by the social context. Aggression It is considered something abnormal and out of the ordinary.

The joke is that in itself aggression – this is neither good nor bad. This is normal. Natural reaction to some events in life. Abnormal and inadequate it makes the combination of forces and causes. It is normal for you to show it. aggressive intent. It is not the case. In response to moral pressure can also be aggressive response, It is a good idea to understand it. That’s it. Aggression – this is a normal human condition, if it manifests itself itself adequately.

Just one of the reasons that we are talking aboutaggressionIt is not a problem for people to be aware of. 238this knife wounds (a real case), And in the end aggression very often associated with such very odious cases. As a result, there is a bunch: “aggression – inappropriate behavior. That, in principle, is not correct.

The question of compliance with the person. Here we rest on what is usually called “self-confidence,” “self-esteem.” That is, the fact that he was weak. A weak person is much more inclined to inadequate manifestation of aggression. Forgive me for vulgarity, in moral terms. We will try to get you out of it.

By and large, degree of aggressiveness it depends on the person to act. And how much is he ready to fight or interact with her. There is a situation in which it can be interpreted. retaliatory aggression. It is not clear that there is a need for a person to relax.

In fact, a person may decide to apply. It is a person who can be beating, cutting or shooting. It is a woman who lives there. in them.

It’s not a problem. They are afraid to break their opponents. And here, too, have their own categories. There are no limits. “Release” aggression out without experiencing any internal conflict.

If you have the same time, aggression although it’s not a “release” internal aggression. It is simply that it can be a bit easier than ever. However, heal-treat-treat.

But we are talking about normal people. For which aggressive behavior – life situation. Aggression, in this case, it manifests itself “on all fronts”: verbally, non-verbally and physically. Verbal everything is clear:

– Moody!
– Itself asshole!
(c) Antikiller.

It is a question of the peace of mind.

With non-verbal everything, in principle, is also understandable. You must be ready to give you a look at the situation.

This incidentally, you can “otboltatsya.” Hanging out in the conflict is not always possible. They are simply afraid to approach them. There are no differences in articles. But this is more to self-defense issues.

In the case of the person Increase in size, overhang, change in posture and position in space … Stop! Here is just one interesting moment. I think it is a very common habit. But even though we aren’t going to beat.

This doesn’t help. So, if they didn’t help, then they always go to the stage of demonstrating a threat. And what do you mean? Right – a demonstration aggressive intentions. Demonstration of power. At the same time, you are not going to beat a man. If you’ve been contacting both capitals, you’ll be available, please contact us. And here’s a question for you:

– If we, even instinctively and mechanically turn to aggression, what’s wrong with her?

And nothing. If it doesn’t If you are still a little bit, you will still see all the signs. manifestations of aggression. And more precisely – the very display of aggression, just adequate.

The fact is that we are frightened by the fact that “aggression – This is bad. “And no. After all manifestations of aggression It means that he will always be able to make a difference. Aggression – This is a mechanism similar to fear. If a person has no fears … That is … Mmmm … A very strange person. And most likely, magnus … a cheat. Similarly, with a man who says that he is not aggressive. Firstly, he is lying in any way, and secondly, he has to be removed by dichlorvos.

And here we finally come to the next part of the psychopaths.

It is very important to understand concept of “aggression” – in itself is sterile. It possesses neither “black” nor “white” color. Well, you go to the toilet? Not. If you simplify the process, then you’ll run to the pot. Natural process? Absolutely. So with aggression – the situation happened to be the following list:

testosterone, corticoliberin, vasopressin, cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Does the body need to react to this? It is necessary. So he reacts. Why did he unload the whole cocktail? Because there was a reason. It comes to play. Yes, partially origins of aggression It is not a problem.

Because it’s the norm, it’s not there tomorrow)


Aggression and cruelty in battle. Part 4: Aggressiveness and Adequate Behavior

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