Aggression and cruelty in battle: Cruelty or effectiveness?

Theme cruelty very slippery. Let’s start with that martial arts, give it a step to a certain cruelty, for example, shooting or hunting. It is impossible to win. But it’s not a rule. To defeat another person, he needs to hurt. Inflict on your opponent, you will win. Characteristically, this is the same for both sports and applied martial arts.

By the rules. The rules limit against the opponent. In application systems, these restrictions are absent. This is what the system is more focused on. physical elimination of the enemy, the more cruel she is. But here comes a very interesting moment …

What is cruelty?

It is a strategy to implement it. Remember the Fairborn System. It is simple and primitive. Is she cruel? The enemy must be destroyed as quickly as possible.. He was already dead. Is it cruel? He dies quickly? Everyone’s answer here.

And the other side. When a person is kicked. I am not talking about a person slaughters a person. Psychology cruelty of the crowd – The topic is interesting though. A person is slaughtered with his feet, or with a bat, or with an iron bar. Hammer for a long time, a person dies painfully. Long, scary and very painful. Is it cruelty?

Similarly, you can ask the question – what is more cruel? One stab or 20? A bullet in the head, or in the head?

The fact is that conscious cruelty and spontaneous are two different things. Moreover, their solemnity has been the sole reason for their rejection of murder by society. But this is a social sphere, today it is not about her.

It is very clear that people will not be able to understand their behavior, their character / temperament / stress reaction. It is up to you to find out that there is a chance to with one blow to the above points.

So it turns out that cruelty – this is a reaction to stress (yes, my favorite stress, where do without it). He will try to avoid it stop its escalation. It would be a scam. No, not scared tantrum, but aggression – it is a person who is trying to hit it, grab something.

It is a person who doesn’t have a special temperament. And, perhaps, it is a bad joke, he will try to continue. aggressive behavior.

It is because of this nervous man, (for example, a woman in the kitchen) And then you will not be limited to one blow. That is, it is trying to resolve stressful situation as fast as possible as hard as possible. First, because it arose suddenly. Secondly, a person tries to avoid stress as quickly as possible and using the maximum of his capabilities.

Can a professional have such a situation? Yes of course. The fact is that there was something in that life. This is what he has not encountered. Or, for example, a reasonable moral choice. Such situations can provoke an attack of spontaneous cruelty. He can begin to make a mistake of a person who is in civilian life. Similarly, it can provoke spontaneous cruelty just a situation. For example, a professional civilian, out of service. Behavior of the attacker may provoke an inadequate reaction.

Problem spontaneous cruelty It goes along with the story of the “adrenaline explosion.” It is a rumor that there is a rumor in the background.

Realizing the most simple mechanical actions. It can be seen as a 10: 20–20–30 situation. Especially when you’re trying to grab hold on convulsive reactions. This is what the body response is.

Bye-by-bye melee. He can’t get to his opponent, And it will stop twitching only when the bullets stop flying in.

Cruelty is meaningful derivative of aggression, or not? And, if we don’t take it into account, it’s not worth it.

So it turns out that eliminating social assessment cruelty, we’re coming to mind, we’re coming to mind. It is directly related to their rigidity, and their rigidity is directly to cruelty.

We will talk about training cruelty / efficiency,

Wolf ops

Self defense

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