Aggression and cruelty in battle. Part 1: Realities and Opportunities

Learn to be violent with your knife
(c) Gabe Suarez

Gabriel Suarez on Facebook. If you translate literally: “Learn to be cruel using your knife.”

But today we’ll talk not entirely about cruelty. About her some other time. Today we again run into the situation of encroachment.

The main difference knife work From here to direct contact. The fact is that when working a pistol It is a fire and it’s not necessary to break the target, “continue complete rest” (c) Hellsing.

The situation with a knife, usually reverse. To get closer to the enemy at a distance effective strike It has been noted that this is the case. the knife from a wound a knife into the enemy. Moreover, we basically do not talk about striking vital organs. Because it is useless. It requires either a mechanical skill developed by many (very many!) Years of training, or an enormous experience of similar fights.

So the moment is that it is controversial, not that ambiguous. It is important to understand the concept. This is a state of “controlled flash of rage.” Some may call this state “Berserk”.

The same Suarez leads flattering association with wolf, living in every person … kingdom of zoological myths wolves. Normal wolf It will help you to get away from it. Well, okay, not about that. Although he used the word “werewolf”, everything would have been played. So, everything. Not about that.

But the principle is correct:

Can not be a beast full of self-pity.
Feeling for the bird
(c) The Law interpretation from the movie “Soldier Jane”.

About controlled flash of rage

The fact is that in moments extreme danger in the person that mobilize all his reserves (both physical and moral) survival. Can be any reaction. It is a never-ending challenge of pulling the world record.

Not all special articles. A striking example in danger. In this case, even a very fragile woman able to lift weight almost equal to his own or for example strike, who will dump a lot bigger and stronger adversary. Where civilians can protect themselves by weapons, You can often come across almost a dash. It wasn’t trembled a bit.

However, as a rule, it’s necessary nerve reactions – “torsion, stupor, or vice versa – excessive emotionality, up to a“ bearish disease ”(“ how could you be so! ”). It will be the most importantly – their maximum effect.

This condition is familiar to many of those who have experience. fighting.

When stressful situation The person begins to uncontrollably develop or inject a person who is not capable of such an “adrenaline explosion”. But it is not a hysterical reaction, but something is close to instrumental aggression, implemented as efficiently as possible.

It actually is clear that it really doesn’t happen. And if in a situation fighting a person can “burn out” before the end of the situation save a person’s life Regardless of the time of occurrence (or is it not save – is life is unhealthy and unpredictable).

If you remember the movie “The Truth About Murder”, then there is one important moment. In the first part of the film, the reporter finds himself in a game where the intelligent instructor explains:

– You’we got to shout!
– You have to shout!
No, not so … Shout !!!

What are people advised to get ready for shout? Well, besides purely physiological reasons:

  • Removal of spasm of larynx / bronchospasm.
  • Removal of muscle spasms that provide lung function.
  • Ensuring the flow of oxygen into the lungs (and, accordingly, into the blood).

There are also purely psychological reasons:

  • This is a meaningful action that can lead to a result. You are doing something meaningfully – no longer helplessly accepting stressful situation, but doing something. Becomes lower level of stress from the situation.
  • A cryptic and anxious for the enemy.

It is necessary to take into account that extreme situation we unconsciously continue to read non-verbal signals from the person opposite us. And in stressful situation This skill does not go anywhere. It can be noted that it should be noted that it should be noted. protect it.

It is in this case, it is in this, in principle, uncomplicated chain, it is “berserk”.

It is the human body and psyche (although it’s not a bother to explain), but it’s for intelligent application of necessity. is impossible. It is very difficult to implement.

This is where you can use it. Private offices and army units. And the techniques there … Although, in general, there is nothing more complicated about them.

Exactly how it’s impossible similar reaction this or that person relevant combat or defensive skills.

You can always be able to learn how to be an expert, You can’t give it a shit, but I’m not afraid of it.

In the same way, the opposite situation can occur. When professional will enter the state berserk slow down time, develop a furious reaction rate. Get a turnip and lie on the ground.

Well, citizens … While the working title will be “Cruelty in battle. Realities and opportunities.


Self-Pity – (David Herbert Lawrence)

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself
A small bird will drop
Frozen dead from a bough
Never ever having felt sorry for itself.

Self-pity – (free translation by Sergey Oshin)

I have not met in nature self-pity,
Indeed, it is small, having fallen from a tree,
Numb and die without experiencing
With this self-pity!

Wolf ops

Aggression and cruelty in battle. Part 1: Realities and Opportunities

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