Aggression and cruelty in battle. Part 3: Aggression and aggressive behavior

Speaking about the concepts of aggression and aggression, it is necessary to understand one thing. The fact is that the concept aggression no one can really explain. That is, there are definitions of this concept, and there is no doubt. That, in principle, doesn’t make a millimeter closer to understanding what aggression is.

In social terms, everything is much simpler. “Aggression” is definitely not a good one.

It would be necessary for the concept aggression. There are several definitions that can be used to justify the existence.

But we will begin, perhaps, from a very important moment. In spite of the above, attitudes in society towards the concept aggression very negative, nothing wrong with it.

Aggression – it is a complex of such aspects as aggressiveness (divided into internal state and external manifestations) and aggressive behavior. And, in principle, there is no negative in either.

Whatever is there as a definition aggressiveness, But there is no need to achieve goals. That is, for example, aggressiveness. But it’s not a problem. In fact, persistent advocacy of one’s opinion is also aggression. But this does not lead to self-harm.

Aggressiveness – This is a natural characteristic of man. And more, that is constantly present in it. Expressed aggressiveness If it’s a personal life situation,

But arguing in our context, aggression – it is always In the end, in different ways:

  • from “Get it together, a rag!” (aggression, directed towards yourself)
  • to “Right now, I fucked up !!” (aggression, directed towards the enemy).

It is not clear that there is a need for it. It is an adrenaline that will be produced in the same way that it was used to make it.

Here we are again confronted with our favorite stress (because it is now), because aggressiveness and final aggressive behavior – this is a reaction to stressful situation. AND aggressive behavior This will help you to get rid of it.

Here sits a very important point associated with cruelty. The larger stress creates a situation, we are more severely we react to it. The harder effective solution this situation, with maximum efficiency. That is not enough to ensure that he fell. It is necessary to keep it moving. Yes, of course, it depends on your ability to eliminate stress. That is it aggressive behavior. This will be a matter of course.

But by itself aggression not directly related to cruelty. By and large, stress mechanism aggressive state (adrenaline rush in the wrinkle), This is largely a way to get the most out of it.

Look at the person who is preparing for a fight. Or, for example, moves along a shooting route. In many ways, his attitude towards others.

If you have seen the work competent assault group indoors, there’s no need for distracts; It gives direct and unstoppable relations. Moreover, it will be approximately the same, because hard and aggressive repression and the destruction of the enemy.

This is where the main thing is suppressing the enemy, like the “visual duel” in boxers before the fight. Nothing like this. It’s possible that you’re getting in touch with you. But in this case, we are talking about That is a person who is preparing to throw. It simply doesn’t matter if it’s not. The power of cheating depends on how much this situation is stressful for him (and in fact – new). And here comes the second moment of connection with cruelty.

A person who has little experience cruelty in a relationship adversary, It is a fact that it is not a matter of course. destroy the enemy. From the way to the fastenings of the detainee in handcuffs. It makes it possible to try with all the dope. The same goes for destroy the enemy (we also talked about this in the previous part). When he is a person, he has seen the body of the body, he has seen the body of the body, and he is scorches into the body, although it is only twitches to be able to cope with the muscular reflexion.

Of course, in addition to experience, aggressive behavior. For example, if you’re aggressive behavior (and with it cruelty) It is clear that the person has been able to make it. Suddenly, then stress level taking into account a result – aggressive behavior becomes less controllable (i.e. based more on reflexes). And the probability of that one unconscious cruelty, caused by the rapid escalation of stress, rushes skyward, trying to catch up stress level. The same thing happens in a situation where there is a violation of plans.

The magic thing is you stress level the person is experiencing. It’s not a problem. Hen’t be stranger, he will be (because almost every situation is new). And it will be to “surprise” this person. It is not necessary to follow the rules. of the world).

What can be done? It’s a good idea to improve your health. tactics and individual skill gun possession (by anyone, from his beloved, to the machine gun). It is also possible to ensure that it is not possible anymore. impact of stress on a fighter, and accordingly make it so aggressiveness and aggressive behavior have become more manageable.

Oh yes, about our favorite psychopaths talk in the next part.

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Aggression and cruelty in battle. Part 3: Aggression and aggressive behavior

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