Aggressive ways to meet

Stereotypes about Russia and bears appeared not from scratch. Of course, despite the strong confidence of our European and American comrades, the bears we are not used in the household. Is that sometimes, but it’s not about that. However, the wild animal is, especially if you live in Siberia or even further. As, however, and our Canadian comrades. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid the risk of death. So.

1. Do not run

The first thing you can advise. Bear, Of course, it’s not a pure predator. And oh, how to get away from it – 60 km per hour over rough terrain, it can float perfectly. So the chance to escape is too small. There is a friend who runs slower …

2. Noise

Most animals have a clear reflex: “Make it noise. Who is strong, dangerous, prey. ”Therefore, when driving the bears, talk loudly, sing, break branches. He wants to know how to make it.

But “usually” doesn’t mean always. ”According to all the same reflexes. It is not a good idea to take care of your baby. That is, from January to March, when the cubs were especially born, walking through the wild forests is especially dangerous.

Paradoxically, young people can also behave. the bears. They can not be there? And I’ll go and see. More precisely, I smell, because the vision bears relatively weak. But it will be curiosity, not open aggression.

Besides, bear almost never attacks a group of more than 4 people. You will be stupidly bypassing you the tenth way. But singles and couples are much worse.

3. Do not store food near the tent.

The only reason why bear It is a grub. It’s amazing, you’re Not immediately, fortunately. Therefore, all tourists are strongly advised, this time. The distance of 3-4 meters somewhere 40 meters from the camp. So even if the beast comes, he will focus his attention on much more delicious and safe purposes. If it does, of course. Folk remedies “beat off the smell,” such as kerosene and other filth, are poorly effective.

4. Assess the situation

Difficult moment, in fact. It is very difficult to evaluate intentions. bear, if faced him nose to nose. Usually there are a few typical scenarios:

  • But bear fed and not aggressive. In this case, it is enough to gently back away from his field of vision. It is a way to see me again.
  • Bear himself in shock, but not hungry, although not aggressive. In this case, you can “pay off” leaving a grub. While the animal is busy, slowly back up. And then – all of the scenario 1.
  • Bear himself in shock, but hungry and aggressive. This is probably the most awful option since the animal will attack. Or pretend to attack. He is immediately useless to run away. Nothing can be done. It is necessary to become a rule. He can’t stop the attack and retreat. It is also desirable to make noise, swinging over your head with everything you can. It can be perceived as a challenge. It is simply risky to get involved. But it does not always help.

5. Defend / pretend to be dead

But this is a really difficult situation. Yes, bear Guns, fire and firearms things. So it’s been a great idea, since it’s been a wild idea, since there has been a lot of fire and exploration. In addition, a special “anti-honey” pepper spray is available in Canada. There are 15 of them. It is one of the fifteen watering eyes. But this will not help you much. Plus, wind, distance, duration of use.

The method of “pretending to be dead” The fact is that bear – quite a predator. It doesn’t disdain svezhatinoy. Sudden dead man. Or poke it with hefty sharp claws. Or come. Nevertheless, the method is officially recommended in the Canadian “tourist guides.” It is still higher than that of a fugitive. Well, I don’t want to check, I’ll have to take my word for it.

6. Hope for luck

Alas the bears too different. Normal wild adult bear doesn’t have a slightest desire to contact a person. He will not turn up for you. Worse, if the bear is “fed up,” Not be able to show aggression. Although it can pretty spoil the property.

Wounded and hungry bear – this is the first degree pi ** ca. He doesn’t It doesn’t care much. That fire and false lights – yes. And the shots – also yes. Well, the most awful option is the bear, which protects the cubs. Sheet attacks. And it stops at nothing. There is only a fire to kill wounded bear can mess things up. In short, hope for good luck.

Aggressive ways to meet

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