“Air cavalry” – a selection of combat helicopters

It is time to introduce another collection of photos. Cool again (we don’t make other selections;)). This time is a helicopter parade. Predatory war machines, hungry with rockets and cannons. “Pinwheels” and their pilots are respected on one hand … and fear on the other. It is not so easy to remain indifferent when it is a funky and carelessly plowed up by earth, agree.

However, why if the helicopters, then only combat? Transport is no less important. Feet stomping is not always a hunt … And then it will be superhigh, (Superpuma (Switzerland) or MI-8 (Russia) will help

So, the parade of helicopters “Air cavalry” declare open!

Perhaps it’s time to land. Finally, the most banal question. Which helicopter did you like more?

&# 171; Air cavalry&# 187; &# 8212; selection of helicopters

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