AK Alfa: American Kalashnikov assault rifle

Recently a company Kalashnikov USA announced a new project – an automatic rifle AK Alfa, created on the basis of a Kalashnikov. The weapon was first demonstrated on SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas on January 20 of this year, instantly caused an unprecedented excitement and interest both among specialists in firearm and shooting, so with internet experts and bloggers.

AK Alfa He received a completely new design and compares favorably with ergonomics from his “parent”, but at the same time he retains “insides” and the principle of the good old AKM sample 1959. Almost all exterior parts AK Alfa Were modernized, with one goal – to provide the operator with all the modern features and capabilities.

According to information Kalashnikov USA, in creating a new weapons was attended by selected experts and snipers from Israel Defense Force (IDF). Therefore, it is safe to say that shooting and control of a rifle will be even simpler, and, most importantly, without compromising the reliability of the platform. AK.

By the way, named AK Alpha in honor of the famous Russian special forces of the FSB “Alpha”. This company Kalashnikov USA recalls the roots of his new weapon, and pays tribute to his Russian colleagues.

What is the new AK Alfa?

At a quick glance machine Some wonder, so unusual and developed a new design. At the same time, you understand that this is not a one-time craft, but a normal one. weapon for serial release.

The main differences AK Alpha from the original AK:

  • telescopic butt in line with the bore, with adjustable inclination of the “cheek”, and with several variants of braces
  • symmetrical cocking handle
  • symmetric fire mode switch “Flag type”
  • single top receiver with full-length Picatinny strap
  • pistol grip with sealed battery compartment and interchangeable covers
  • handguard with interface Keymod
  • the shops with the possibility of visual control of ammunition
  • symmetrical store reset button with interchangeable covers

And now more …

Ergonomics and external parts

AK Alfa identical to the original AK on the layout. At the same time, the ergonomics and convenience of the new rifle correspond to the latest requirements for modern small arms.


Designers abandoned the familiar AK cover the receiver, implementing the hinge mounting scheme top and lower receivers.

Strap Picatinny full length single top receiver and universal mounting interface Keymod on handguard allow you to install on weapon accessories and accessories in any quantity – mechanical and optical sights, collimators and folding enlargers, thermal sights and night vision devices, laser designators, tactical handles, flashlights, bipods, etc.

Shutter handle can be installed both on the right and left side, although Kalashnikov USA claims that it is initially symmetric, without the need for rearrangement. Replaceable covers are attached to the handle. A reflector for liners is provided in the ejection window.

Due to symmetrical slots for platoon handles there is a question of dust and dirt getting inside the rifle mechanism (from which the “base” was also not particularly protected) AK). For the civilian market, this is not critical, but if AK Alfa will be supplied to the army, then designers will have to refine this question, as an option, to implement protective “curtains”.

Pistol grip

The lower receiver is plastic. This reduces the weight of the system and greatly increases ergonomics. Pistol grip has interchangeable rubberized pads, and any user can easily adjust it to fit his palm. Inside the handle is a sealed compartment for batteries (for example, for a collimator sight).

Fire mode switch

Mode selector fire (or, as it is called, fuse), placed on AK Alfa in option AR-15 – two-sided, flag-type, which allows you to switch it with both right and left hand.


A separate word worth mentioning butt – its design is almost perfect. The point of emphasis is in line with barrel bore and the axis of movement shutter, which means high stability rifles when firing. Butt folding, easily adjustable in length, and has the ability to adjust the height / tilt “cheek.” Operator can choose from three different rubber back of the stock, for even more convenience shooting.


Handguard AK Alfa There may be two options: from aluminum and plastic on a metal frame. Interface Keymod, which we mentioned above, allows you to quickly mount and remove a variety of add-ons, up to a grenade launcher or tactical shotgun.

The weapons are not familiar swivels for a gun belt, but there is no need for them, due to the specifics of the weapon and the availability on the market of such things as quick-release belts that are mounted on any 9.5mm hole, which is just on the forend and on the butt.

Ammunition and tactical and technical characteristics

version AK Alfa AKL Aks
caliber 7.62? 39 7.62? 39
magazine capacity, cartridges thirty thirty
Weight, kg 3.5 3.2
barrel length, mm 415 305
weapon length, mm
with folded butt
660/950 550/840
butt folding, adjustable

AK Alfa designed to the good old caliber 7.62×39, and company Kalashnikov USA plans to start mass production this year rifles in two versions – AKL and Aks, which will differ in barrel length and weight.

Weapon feed carried out from of stores with transparent windows and marks of the number of rounds for visual control of ammunition consumption. What is particularly interesting is the new one. rifle You can use the regular metal and plastic shops from the original AK. New stores US Palm and Magpul also fit.

Store reset button is located in the same place, but is made “symmetrical” and has interchangeable linings for convenience of working with both the right and left hand when held on the pistol grip, and with gloved hands.

And now let’s summarize …

Apparently, AK Alfa will keep all the legendary reliability of its progenitor – Kalashnikov assault rifle, and hence the “characteristic feature” – dysbalance of the weapon when firing, in view of the design features and gaps, which is not quite competent “specialists” call a disadvantage.

At the same time, the new weapon received more than a modern form, it is not just tuning on the base AK, and full processing rifles. As a result – AK Alfa satisfies all requirements for to arms and the wishes of both civilian gun owners, and professional shooters and the military.

A logical question arises: why hasn’t all this been done before, in the Kalashnikov concern, because such changes have been suggested by themselves and for a long time? Let us leave this question on the conscience of Russian gunsmiths, and we hope that AK Alpha due to the predicted popularity, it will go beyond the limits of the US market and will appear in Europe, Russia, the CIS and other countries.

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