Alexander Nastagunin: Hero

No people can not without heroes. Without those who need to be equal. No role models. But who are our heroes today? Oh, immediately smelled traditional srachem. But it is not about that now. Tell me the hero. Whose life is in sight. But he doesn’t have to say how ordinary people should live. It is a musician. A football player who … No, it’s too sad with them. A bunch of movie movie stars, an eccentric movie personalities, a psychic movie. In the mind it is they.

And it’s not. They are not interesting. There are no lines of audio in the news feed. But it is an example. AND Alexander Nastagunin – just such a person. Risking his life, he pulled out of the fire 6 children.

This is Alexander Nastagunin. Thanks to him, six children are alive, whom he pulled out of the blazing house. This hero. This should be remembered and set as an example.This is Alexander Nastagunin. Thanks to him, six children are alive, whom he pulled out of the blazing house. This hero. This should be remembered and set as an example.

The situation, in general, was interesting. There is a village in the Nizhny Novgorod region – Big Cherevatovo. It seems to be an ordinary village. And there lived a family. Mother and 6 children. Family, to put it mildly, dysfunctional. He is not a friend, he is not a drink. But it doesn’t mean it. Children with developmental delays of varying severity. The mother does not let them go to school. What teaches – in general is not clear. But the guardianship doesn’t give them away. The picture, of course, zashib. This is not the case.

The beginning of December 2015. Alexander Nastagunin returns home from work. Gas service locksmith is no joke. A serious approach to business, understanding the basics of fire safety. It is just above the family. He clearly knows what to say. If you’re dying, you’re not sure, you’re not talking about the door. There is a gas cylinder at home. Reach the fire …

AIR SIDES CALLS FUNCTIONS, FUNCTIONS, FUNCTIONS, DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO CHOOSE. Fall out of the frame, break out of the frame, climb into the hysterics. The smoke is already such that visibility has dropped to a minimum. It was necessary to make sure that all 6 children left the dangerous territory. Succeded.

The children did not suffer, Nastagunin It was not injured. As it turned out, the kerosene lamp over. It was the mother who appeared, almost rushed into the fire. Children took and disappeared in an unknown direction. As if realizing that after such a guardianship, she certainly wouldn’t get out of her.

A man, of course, well done. He did everything right, risked his life, hero and all that. But the question is different. Who is spit on the safety of children. Who is a clear conscience? Moreover, they do not teach children basic survival skills. But they are desperately. This is the idiots found among among believers and among atheists.

The fossil question at the light. Children could burn. Could burn down and neighboring houses. The villages, by the way, are burning down. But at the same time, “Do not dare to teach me how to live!” And who will pay for the damage? Not a dysfunctional family, that’s for sure. And not insurance companies.

The conclusion is simple. Watch not only for themselves, but also for others. Always watch out for others, know your neighbors and weaknesses. It doesn’t even protect yourself from the threat. Nastagunin He knew how to know about the problems. Therefore, he survived. Therefore, it helped others to survive.

Why the incident itself occurred in 2015? And because the people still need the right heroes. You need to take an example. Often, it will be a bit more than others.


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