All Black EDC Kit: EDC Keychain Kit

You can also buy it. You can get a piece of keys? For example, such as All Black EDC Kit.

Recall EDC (from English – Every day carry) It can be used regularly. What is EDC?)

All Black EDC Kit – A handy EDC kit on a keychain

The set All Black EDC Kit In fashionable black color includes:

  • carbine R – 10;
  • all metal multitool (crowbar, flat and Phillips screwdriver, opener, tool for stripping wires);
  • torch INOVA XS (80 lumens);
  • Key-Knife Key Knife (unfolds into a knife);
  • waterproof aluminum capsule Nano cache short value

In general, the set was very convenient, mainly because of its size. All together is a small knife, a multitool, a flashlight and a container fit in a fist. If you carry it all in a bag / backpack, then it’s connected with a carbine.

However by itself All Black EDC Kit It’s not a great addition to your daily set. And now it’s a little more detail about the components of the kit.

Knife It is quite possible to cut the sausage.

Multitul-fomka – Quite a good mini-tool. It is out of necessity, but so far. It is a situation.

I would like to say flashlight INOVA XS – It has been shown to be set to carry it on.

Small container ideal for a small set of pills – painkiller, antispasmodic, gastrointestinal problems, caffeine, etc. Someone carries a small amount of money.

Carbine – like a strong thing. It can be used separately from the set.

Now there is an original one on the market. All Black EDC Kit This is not a link. In general, I recommend that you have a very good addition.

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