American soldier diary

I’m catching up on this “Diary”, I’m thinking of all things =)

There were some kind of boom in them. It is heard and in the mind. It turned out sometimes not quite well, sometimes quite rotten. And sometimes it’s just fine. It is a recipe for the first reading.

American soldier diary I remember, how far as I remember, one of the first. Then it was funny to read about the valiant warriors of Uncle Sam. Now “Diaries …” cause it a good smile, but it’s worth it, right?

American soldier diary

1 day
Today we are flying to the gates of peace. This is a small country (less than my home state) in southern Africa (because there is a lot of sand and hot). It is a dream to bring it in. Faraoh from the famous pyramids.

6 day
We are based in Iraq. We cann’t make it to the gulf across the country. By the way, these British people know American very well.

7 day
Today our brigadier general spoke before us. He said that he is a man of the world. There are hot, constant sandstorms. Air conditioners. Reporters arrived. Posing with weapons and american flags. Showed how we can wear gas masks.

8 day
The commander of the enthusiastic Iraqi population. Stocking up on hamburgers and coca. Our regimental doctor says to Iraq. Protect your hands from biting. If saliva enters the bloodstream, it can cause rabies infection. For many, you don’t have to go. The first bombers flew over us toward Baghdad. We proudly sing the hymn of our free homeland.

9 day
Move to the position. I learned that the name is Saddam Hussein. It turns out that it’s not in the south of Africa. So told us our corporal, and he knows everything.

10 day
21:30 We are entering Iraq. Somewhere they shoot. Probably the Iraqi population of our forward units. Women are not yet visible. Probably not warned to avoid crowding the road …

21:50 Saw the first aborigine. Strange, but he doesn’t need to be released from the dictator. Wild people, children of the desert. In the distance, you’re heard, the commander ordered to put on gas masks just in case.

22:30 The stupid enslaved of Iraqi troops. We are all in shock. It was more speculative (presumably male). Force-fed hamburgers. About five mud huts we caught up with the avant-garde. With coca. There is a village in the distance. Said he was umm qasr and he knows everything. We decided to storm tomorrow, having a full breakfast. Umm qasr.

11 day
9:00 Umm qasr. Digging. We are waiting for sandbags for lining the positions. A separate 123rd sack battalion promised to bring the products soon. Pendel for the radio operator. All agencies have already published. We must take it quickly.

12:00 Despite our cries of “American food!”, We are still being shot at. It doesn’t seem that we were confused with Hussein. I had to hoist the flag on one of the hut. He was clinging to his flag. This was our first battle loss. We do not go further, we are waiting for aviation. It is not a problem.

18:00. Iraqis continue to shoot. It’s dangerous here. Wounded fat eyes While caused artillery fire. The commander contacted the headquarters, said that they were shooting here. They promised to send the British.

12 day
We are going to Baghdad! Yesterday, a business Englishman came under Umm Qasr. Immediately spun around, flew helicopters. In the kitchen, the mobile field has disappeared, and we warmed up fast food. He said that he would not be able to reach the ground. Lying, I guess.

2:00 PM Quick march moving to Baghdad. We do not meet any resistance. Baghdad at our rate of three days. He knows what he says. Soon the radio operator sent the e-mail to headquarters. I wonder how Umm Qasr is?

3:00 p.m. There is a village ahead. Corporal says this is Nasiriyah. The radio operator sent an e-mail to headquarters that Nasiriy fell. They didn’t have time. He can be a communicator. Sent to the rear hospital Donald. He pinched his genitals in the toilet.

22:00 As it turned out, they shoot here too. We asked out. They promised to write to Blair to send more. While entrenched near the road. Dummy Jack His feces sprayed on our positions. It couldn’t be a closet. The corporal gave a journalist a drink, now he walks forever drunk. Crowds of captured Iraqis. Makes everyone pose with rifles. Now lying in a ditch and snoring.

13 day
In the morning all were alarmed. It turns out that Iraq is excited by the law of the law, are launching our positions. Half of the tanks were sealed with manhole covers; caterpillars were stolen from the other half. Corporal tied laces sea knot.

12:00 Reset your tracks to the second. Artillery is ironing Nasiriyah. Underwear for a laser.

3:00 p.m. Got an order to go ahead. We are coming.

19:00 After the first battle entrenched on the outskirts of the city. We shoot at nearby street. I run out of coca. I can not know how much I can still hold on. It’s not a bad idea. Hero! I’m proud of him!

21:30 It turned out that we were in the next street. Swore at each other. Well, it didn’t have any serious sacrifices. We lost Bob I had to force him to evacuate to the hospital. In a nearby company, a lieutenant was hospitalized with a concussion. Heavy hand at our corporal. We respect him.

23:00 Returned to the base. While we were away, the British aircraft struck at our bio toilets. Iraq’s chemical weapons depots. Probably because of the smell … E-mail the radio operator to replace the toilets. While we tolerate.

14 day
The terrible news. The Iraqis attacked the 321st separate battalion. Iraqis seized many toilets and several prisoners. Our soldiers are completely demoralized. Coca-Cola is the best way to go out … Corporal suffers most, but suffers. Manly guy

18:00 Our evening, our troops heavy losses. I was hospitalized with a bladder rupture. Others are no better off. We are flying on a sanitary helicopter … Next to me, the corporal lies unconscious. Our correspondent was also sent to the rear. He found a terrible local disease called “Pohmelniy sindrom”. Saddam Hussein.
It is a Iraqi pyramids …

Source – the Internet, 2003

American soldier diary

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