An indispensable set for survival in a zombie apocalypse.

For a tru-rial-brutal survivor, a real zombie apocalypse – as for a 12-year-old girl, find the entrance to Narnia in a closet or get a letter from Hogwarts. It will not come true, but I want to very much. Even getting ready. And suddenly, what the hell is not joking?

Imagine that an evil genius working on a super-villain managed, the world was not saved and this day came, you – survived!!!

The city is at your disposal

Nearly. You are not the only one who has survived, which means that there are competitors in the city for your “store” stocks of milk, canned meat and cookies. And it’s good if they have the same knowledge and a cool head like yours. But most likely the city, in addition to zombies, will be flooded with a crowd of minions, whose main goal will be “AAAA !!!” and eat.

According to the classic plot of Hollywood, the main character is an ordinary farmer from some Perdyayevka in the Ust-Khalupsky district of Khrenprivysh of what state.

He is a war veteran, the pride of fur seals, an expert in all types of weapons. But you are not like that. You’re from the office. From 9 to 19. For lunch, pizza and coffee, on weekends – night dinner and wild dances. But in the soul there is a thought that you have been chosen and have not yet erased from memory the military service in the BMTO special forces or the intelligence of the SRI.

What do you need?

1. Machete

Or kukri. Or a knife rambo survivalist. Big, heavy, beautiful. To them you will be rickety to destroy the hordes of neighbors and other zombies at each exit from your lair.

2. Multitul

Knives, screwdrivers, files, saws, pliers, opener – all this is useful when looking for food, water and a permanent struggle for survival. Of course, there is a more diverse instrument in the shelter, but that is in the shelter, but it is necessary now. Here, right now.

3. Knife

If you don’t understand why the knife is bred separately, when there is both a machete and a multitool, then stop reading and go back to math. Now it is more useful. But seriously, I don’t even know how to argue YOU for its necessity. Well, do you have a folder right now in your pocket? That’s it! And with me. And in a war with zombies – how are you without him? He’s almost a part of you, like a hand going on. So let’s not dwell on the axioms: there should be a knife. A better 2-3 to keep in reserve. You never know …

4. Firearms

Not any. Forget about sniper rifles, machine guns or grenade launchers. They come to nothing. Only if boredom dispel. Practical application – zero. Of course, there are a lot of machine guns, but only in a dull defense, when you put your back on the Moscow Ring Road and you are poked from there with a stick – go fight, boil!

Machine guns, shotguns, carbines. You will have to shoot at close ranges, saving ammo. It’s not as easy as it seems: targets are shaking, you are shaking from horror of being eaten. What is the production and aiming speech?

5. Flask

Better two. One with water on the belt. A liter or so. The second, also liter with alcohol. For everything: disinfection, exchange, nerves to fix, food to warm … You know yourself, not small.

6. Food, water, medicines, matches

It’s one thing when you’re within 100 kilometers of one, another thing – competitors. They will eat up your stores and warehouses as soon as they find them. Naturally, the first to fall closest to residential buildings. Too many know about them, in contrast to warehouses and wholesalers. But even those will not last long: rats, the process of decay and other vermin destroy these stocks.

7. Clothes and shoes

Of course, zombie-resistant shoes have not yet produced, but resistance to aggressive environments should be. No one will bother about the environment at this sad moment. Everyone will be interested in your brains, and therefore, you may have to run away on alkali, gasoline or something else. Admit it, running in socks alone is not the best option.
Clothing should also be ready for a strength test. X / b, of course, is warm and breathes, but breaks, but rip-stop and cordura are not. So leave the three-piece suit and lacquered boots for better times. VKBO and analogues – your choice!

8. Rope, carbines

Perhaps the search for food, water or something more intimate will lead you to the height of the N-th floor and there will be a nest of mozgoedov. No, not accounting at work. And ordinary zombies eats less nimble and not such a tough citizen like you. Naturally, these creatures desire dessert. Naturally, you will be against it. I hope you are persistent in your intentions. Dilemma: go the same way, rustling his heels on the steps of the chase or parachute through the window, along the way, bringing a couple of creatures to the next world? In my opinion, the choice is obvious. Learn the knots, learn to descend with the rappelling and Austrian descent and the next time you watch “Machete”, looking at Danny Trekho you can say: “I can do that too.”

9. Light

It is now “Moscow Never Slip”, and “unrestrained fun” will come to the streets – everyone will “sleep”, exactly at dusk. Just like 200 years ago. For cases when I sat down at the ball at Count Sheremetyevo or what state affairs I was busy with (now all your affairs are state affairs) – light the way home … By the way, what? I would prefer a lantern. Of course, on the dynamo. Of course, I love my nitecore, 970 lumens, 7 modes, tactical look. But where to charge it 18650 akum !? Or dynamically spin the energy to charge such a lantern!? Rave. For a safety net, you should always have a torch ready. And light, and heat, and weapons of defense. In general, some advantages.

10. Heat

When CHPs arise, the issue of heat and energy will not be so commonplace. You can’t pass the batteries even on ferrous metal, but there’s only disorder on the plate. The microwave will be a silent reproach for aimlessly projecting the lost future and will have to make the Russian stove again. Or the hearth. Depends on which epoch you roll back. You can chew raw meat as Pithecanthropus. The choice is yours. As an option, you will have to learn how to make a fire by rubbing your palms. Fast enough, you know.

11. Transportation

Ideally – Lada, four. Cities will stand, but life in them will go underground. The world will turn into Pripyat. At first, the roads will remain within the normal range. Just for your box. Moreover, there are a lot of spare parts around, the ability to tune and redo everything and everything under a pair of straight arms. Body type – wagon. Things fit a lot, you can sleep lying, eating a little. So – the four. Do not show off.

12. Den

If you create Will Smith’s conditions in I Am Legend, honor and praise to you. Call for a visit. But do not flatter yourself: he has multimillion-dollar budgets and a crowd of builders from near Mexico, and you have a half-ruined world, hordes of hungry zombies and complete confusion around. Therefore, if it is warm, dry and safe – sit down and do not tweet.

13. Woman

First, cover the rear. Secondly, cook while you are defending your home from hordes of zombers and other creatures. Thirdly, a woman will bring comfort to the hut that you will call home together. Yes, the blue curtains are not the topic and they are unmasked, but the flowers on the windowsill are “this is a stretch !?” But, without this, it is impossible. Fourth, you must dominate. And, fifthly, who, in the end, will give you a son ?!

14. The last point I will indicate the brain … and the goal

The goal of “just survive” will not pass. What is the point? But “to save humanity”, to stand on a par with superman, Thor and Batman – it even sounds. And to figure out how to do it – you need brain. The antidote to find, reduce the population and reproduction of zombies … To do something worthwhile for this world. He, most likely, will not repay you in return …

There will be those who have already buried this world, but what to take from them.

To achieve this goal, you will need not only all of the above, but also much of what is not specified. For example, steel coconuts. And they will be just like that if you decide to save this fucking world. There is no one else.

An indispensable set for survival in a zombie apocalypse.

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