Anaphylactic shock on insect bite

On Earth, insects are the most numerous group. The number of their species exceeds 2 million! That is just walking along the street, you stumble upon them completely unexpectedly and unpredictably.

You can simply bite, sting, or revenge from fear or in self-defense. It is enough. And if you are allergic?


Allergy – a substance of any kind. By type of allergy is divided into:

  • food – on certain products;
  • respiratory and house dust;
  • insect – for insect bites;
  • drug – for certain types of drugs;
  • infectious – on bacteria, viruses.

Today we will talk about insect form.

A bite of an insect

Bees and bumblebees aggression. When it comes to the bite. This is due to the harpoon.

Wasps and hornets by nature are aggressors, most often in the fall. Several times. Bites on the head and neck are especially dangerous.

With a normal reaction, a moderate redness and a slight swelling,

Allergy is reddened in the form of edema, redness and severe itching. Toxin in the bloodstream can cause headaches and fever. Lymph nodes may increase.

The manifestation of allergies begins within 10-20, sometimes 40 minutes after the bite. If the reaction manifold itself is sharply and strongly, the heavier the flow. After the bite with more than 30% chance you can lead to death.

Anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic shock. It manifests itself, usually within a few minutes, less hours. Accompanied by a bite, severe edema with possible numbness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Breathing tract begins to breathe. The skin fades, the lips and the fingers turn blue. Possible loss of consciousness.

Urgent Care:

  • remove the sting immediately, put a tourniquet on the bite site; call an ambulance (!);
  • lay down the victim, unbutton his clothes, give air access; apply cold to the bite site;
  • with reduced pressure, slightly raised the legs;
  • give any antiallergic – diphenhydramine, suprastin, tavegil, claritin, allertekloratadin, cetirizine;

In children, anaphylactic shock is more frequently, Here are the nausea, headaches, spasms, laryngeal edema. Otherwise, everything can happen as in adults.

For an ambulance doctor, the following information is valuable:

  • the exact time of the bite and the onset of allergies;
  • detailed list of events held;
  • if there is information, allergic reactions that the victim had before.


The condition was tolerated. It was a life in the future. In severe cases, non-infectious jaundice, kidney disease are possible.


Prevention is fairly simple and consists of the following:

  • it is not necessary to wear clothes;
  • try not to eat
  • while driving;
  • do not forget about it.

It is a good idea to get a little bit more information. Parents and teachers should be aware of allergic children.

Anaphylactic shock on insect bite

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