Andrei Cruz, science fiction writer. 1965-2018

However, we’ll tell you a little about him. His real name is Andrey Y. Hamidulin, was born on January 26, 1965, in Ukraine, in a military family. It was his time that he had been transferred to his family. In 2005, he lived in Marbella, where he lived in France.

Mr. Samizdat. First books that we know well are from 2009 onwards. Andrei writes in the genre of the “fantastic fighter” and reveals the writer. There are counting trophies, It seems to be a “background” in the world.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Day! a climax ”or“ a writer, ”he said. Same as Andrew himself in real life. It is surprised.

Andrei Cruz wrote: “It would be interesting for us to read,” but “It would be interesting for us to read.”

Frankly and sincerely – Last day club Owing to our team, in 2014, it was decided that he wanted to make it. Our favorite works.

I’m a lot of people read, you’ll like to go. I bought a shotgun, then one more, then another, fascinated by practical shooting, found like-minded people and friends. I have not been able to become a better book.

December 5, 2017 The writer reported that he had oncology. He was crucified, “end of the road”. However, it was a rule. Then it seemed, but sometimes he wrote about it. He was on the mend. Already published two of his new books. I’m hoping to be the one who wanted to “take medicine for digest the cancer.” But …

February 20, 2018 the year of Andrei Cruz was gone …

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We have nothing more to say. It was just a dummy that was formed inside. We sincerely condole with cruise and peace along with readers and fans.

Shortly before the announcement of the disease, Andrew wrote on his Facebook page:

Here today, our Dock puzzled me, which is Vadim Tarakanov. He took it, and described his vision of paradise (I, frankly, about 90 percent). But after reading, I thought.
Do you remember the series, which is Supernatural (seemingly “Supernatural” in the Russian version)? Find out where you’re looking for your personal paradise. Well, it’s made out of place for you.
Well, then I thought again. It means that I’m not afraid of you. be?
He closed his eyes, immediately introduced himself to the house near the lake. And around the forest and Indian summer. There are bridges, and they have a kazanka. Or even a big river, I agree. There is grass in the yard, firewood on the grass. The house is a courtyard and with a bath, of course. In the cellar there are pickles, moonshine and beer. What were always. I love you all the time.
There is a locker in the house, a pair of guns in it, a pair of rifles, nothing special. A revolver is possible, big. And that game was a lot, and fish, yes.
I also want a barn, and in it GAZ-63. It is a stupid assholes, like me, because of this.
And that all the seasons are the right seasons. Classic. That is, if summer, summer without ticks. Autumn is autumn. If winter, then with snowdrifts and all attributes.
Well, somehow I see this paradise myself, yes.

Andrew, we hope you are in this very place. It is in our lives!

Andrei Cruz, science fiction writer. 1965-2018

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