Animal or insect bite. What to do?

“A camel has two humps, because life is a struggle,” and he also has teeth. Because the fight.

And in general, almost everyone has teeth. Because life. It is a serious thing to fight for it. In short, bite. Who was bitten? Do you want to go for a doctor?

I’ll tell you now.

Dog, fox, cat

Muscle drive can cause a lot of trouble. And the microbes.

The most negative consequences:

  • sepsis – blood poisoning;
  • tetanus is an infectious disease, accompanied by tension in the skeletal muscles and cramps;
  • rabies – a viral disease, fear of bright light, hydrophobia, paralysis.

It will lead you to death.

Our actions:

  • Loudly call “Help” in an ambulance.
  • Soap – remember, grandmothers had such brown cubes. Not toilet !!! It was just the same.
  • When it comes to the shrinkage of shawls, napkins, rags to the bite. In the case of breaks, it should be tied to even sticks.
  • There will be a vaccination.


Small ferrets have large curved canines. There are often cases when a ferret with a canine tears a vein.

If you don’t like it, it will squeeze your jaw more. Do not hit or shake him – he may become even more aggressive.

It is a good idea to grab your teeth.

Further actions – like a dog bite.

The bats

And will bite in self-defense. Why do you go? Put on at least 2 pairs of household gloves. But if you are “lucky” – we read above.


Do you know what to do? And their teeth are sharp as needles? And together with squirrel hares, they also suffer from rabies?

Now you know. And what to do, you also know.


Bites are clearly visible. If you’re not sure, you can’t get it.

It’s a little more complicated here. But probably.

  • Calm down, try to relax. But still call an ambulance.
  • The bite should be below the level of the heart.
  • With the skin of the skin.
  • We do not have the bite of the site.
  • We put a tight bandage – do not burn! – over the bite, and we bandage it towards it. That is, if the bite is on the ankle, bandage from the knee down.
  • Apply ice to the bite site, you can dip the limb in cold water.
  • Hospital delivery within two hours is desirable. Well, the kind of snake is desirable to know. Well, at least a description, really try ..


This is karakurt, or black widow. Females are dangerous, the poison is 10 times stronger than the rattlesnake venom.

The bite is painless, pain appears after 20-30 minutes. Manifest breathing, numbness of the legs, blue face, slow pulse. If you do not receive assistance, death occurs on day 2.

  • Very loud “Help” in an ambulance.
  • We cauterize the bite site, ignite the fourth one. Yes it hurts. Neutralize the poison.
  • Drinking tea or water, often by a little.
  • To the hospital you need to deliver as soon as possible.


Scorpio stings tip of the tail. First, a slight pain, then a feeling of “a thousand needles.” After a couple of hours nausea, tearing, irritability. Then coma and convulsions. Death occurs in 12-48 hours.

Bite of karakurt – everything is done quickly.

Stinging insects: wasps, bees, hornets

The main thing here is to gently remove the sting. Attach ice and call an ambulance. Provide artificial heart massage.

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mosquitoes

A tick bite can be dangerous as a carrier of borreliosis and encephalitis pathogens. Therefore, we would like you to go.

So do not be afraid to live. Just look around carefully. It is even very interesting.

And bless you.

The medicine

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