Anna Janz: weapons in shooting sports

Any hoplofob (from ancient Greek ????? – weapon and ????? – fear) say that weapon created to kill. And ONLY for the kill. Partially he will be right. BUT only partially. Not everything that kills is created as weapon, and not all weapons are created to kill. For example, atomic energy has been studied for peaceful purposes. But the atom in one hand gave energy, benefiting thousands, and in others turned into a mass murderer. Self defense weapon It is regarded as a tool that preserves life.

Shooting sport, as any activity that is a veiled training of potential killers, should be prohibited! (C) Hoplofobov community.

I don’t really want to draw public attention to his fears and try to prove something to someone. Not! I want to share my attitude to to arms at shooting sports. An inside look. This is the case when a weapon acquires a new peaceful status, the status of a sports tool or, more precisely, sports equipment. Modern weapons As part of a sport, it undergoes significant changes, both in appearance (becoming more like space blasters) and internal mechanisms. However, as the skills acquired in training, have little to do with the skills needed in combat conditions.

Biathlon, poster and practical shooting, sport paintball – do they have something in common with war and cruelty? Why is it generally accepted that having a weapon or its similarity in sports makes this sport aggressive and dangerous for society? What does a peaceful or non-peaceful sport mean?

Look at other sports that do not use firearms.

  • Martial arts never been harmless, although the public cause less disturbance.
  • All kinds of races. Mortality among athletes is high, among spectators – there is a place to be (repeated cases of “departure” from the track to the crowd of observers). But no one shouts that cars are being killed. It is also worth noting that this sport originated from the racing chariot races – a cruel and bloody spectacle, where very few people reached the finish line safe and sound.
  • Javelin-throwing/cores – applied killing skills, right?
  • Fencing – No comments.
  • Archery – why is the public calm? After all, the bow is also created only to kill!
  • So massively popularized football!!! It would seem that the uncles kicked the ball – everything is harmless … Historians say that ball-kicking was the favorite occupation of the Chinese WARRIORS. The game is called “Zhu-ke”, and is characterized as a very cruel act. In Mexico, originated a similar game called “pok ta ta pok”. Rarely which match ended without a fatal outcome. Roman “Garpastum” – the game was distinguished by cruelty and was part of the training system for legionnaires Julius Caesar. And some African tribes still have a tradition of ritually kicking the severed head of an opponent from a rival tribe.

You still think that athlete-shooter has more skills to kill than a swordsman or boxer?

Has anyone cited statistics on deaths in football stands and in street fights of football fans? There is no weapon in this sport, but following the logic, football kills!

but practical shooting, existing since 1977, and not having no one registered case of firearms injured in competition, perceived by society as a dangerous sport. Have you ever read / heard about riots on rifle facilities? As a person who spends a lot of time at shooting events, I assure you that I have never met so many mutually polite people anywhere else.

No, this post is not in defense of supporters of the legalization of the COP, and not campaigning for entry into the sect IPSC. This is an attempt to show society that women in shooting sports are as relevant as in most other sports. An attempt to show that love of arms is not a manifestation of weakness or inclination to cruelty. And the desire to share their enthusiasm and pleasure received in the process of training / performances at competitions.

What gives me Practical Shooting?

  • Regular immersion in stress condition with the need to constantly assess and control the situation, with lightning-fast decision making;
  • skill to plan their actions;
  • build and memorize tactical moves;
  • safely handle firearms;
  • control and take responsibility for their actions with the weapon;
  • physical development;
  • emotional training;
  • the pleasure of overcoming your main rivalmyself;
  • and overcoming fears and laziness;
  • mass pleasures;
  • involvement to a certain community of like-minded people;
  • and a bunch of nice bonuses and nishtyakov =)

Do you know what sport is? I want you to answer yourself. Did you find it for yourself? No, this is not a jog in the evening on an empty stadium in a bright headband, be sure to capture a trendy selfie and attach a screen with a record of the length of the track. This is not the purchase of an annual subscription to the pool at a trendy and expensive fitness club to warm up in the sauna and relax on a lounger with a sense of satisfaction from a “sporting” lifestyle. And not regular posts about healthy lifestyles in social networks with photos of diet food.

I do not ask about professional sport, cruel and merciless, corrupt and biased, wearing the bodies of athletes, and a couple of years dropping them from Olympus to an inglorious retirement, lining the road of “fresh blood” with injuries and disabilities of previous leaders.

I ask about “lively and healthy sport”, Reflecting the worldview, setting your life style and type of consciousness. Leading to the ultimate goal of not rewarding laurels, regalia and honors, but cultivating the perfection of mind and body. Creating a utopian model of a harmoniously developed person – a thinker and an athlete. I’m talking about sports, which left an imprint on your whole life.

Do you know what sport is for me?

– Are you ready?… – you take a deep breath, nod your head. The world around freezes.

– Standbyyyyy … – The timer signal … The taut string breaks inside … A jerk from the spot, you hear the click of your faithful the gun/shotguns/carbine… It trigger, then trigger, peen impales capsule, shot, the sleeve flies right, the next cartridge sent to the chamber. The message of the world has ceased to exist. There is only a timer, targets, you, your steel friend, partner in your hands. Time slows down. Each fraction of a second is invaluable … How much of this wealth we are scattered in life, without giving a report, without thinking about the price. But now, every lost unit of time is alienating you from victory. You greedily nibble every chunk of a second at Chronos …

I will do it calmly, without haste, but quickly! – you say to yourself to calm down. – Fast, accurate, powerful And safe!

Gunpowder … you realize his sweetness after the end of the exercise, muscle pain, fatigue, sticky sweat – you will notice all this after the end of the competition.

Who are we out of sports? Clerks, plankton, slaves ??? It doesn’t matter now! Now you have power over the situation. Only you decide what to do! Freestyle… See the goal – hit the target.

No aggression, no fear, even calm, and only a slight fear that something might not go so smoothly. But you are ready for this. Eliminate the malfunction of the weapon, in time to remove your finger from trigger, stop embarrassing traffic at risk trunk section beyond the limits safety angle… But never mind, the Range Officer will insure you, your task is to do it right, it is to watch out for security.

– If finished, defuse – show!

Yes, Dear Judge (RO), I finished. In confirmation of unloading weapons, give inspection. Weapons in the holster / box in the chamber / trunk up – you finished the exercise. From the tips of shaking fingers, an icy wave rushed toward the boiling blood. It turns out sweat flooded his eyes, and a pebble caught in a shoe stuck into his foot. But this is all you feel only now, when the world is filled with sounds, smells, spectators appeared from behind, the trainer with a reproachful look, gloomily points to your mistakes, but still slaps the shoulder encouragingly.

The heart has long to excite the scarlet fluid, not wanting to calm the rhythm. Such a burst of energy, I want to roll mountains! But after a while, tired calm comes.

You go clean pistol/gun/carbine, thanks to him for his good and accurate work. Carefully brushing with a brush, rubbing with a rag, pouring the mechanism, table and hands with cleaning fluid, lubricant. Enjoying the process.

All its curves, lines are beautiful, the mechanisms are perfect … Just a set of pieces of iron, plastics, springs and some chemical elements in the right proportion. This engineering marvel is more like a magic artifact than a killing tool. This is not a weapon, this is a tool, this is sports equipment. As such it will be in my hands. And if you decide that they are killing with a weapon, look at the kill statistics with a kitchen knife, stool, car.


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