Another BP scenario: invulnerable artificial bacterium

Human beings of personal destruction appear in humanity. The gunner, the steel armor, the gunpowder, do not stop it.

There is a risk of death. Fortunately, the existence of such a bacterium was impossible. As it turned out – only until recently. Scientists managed to create partially artificial bacterium, it is completely resistant.

As the article in the magazine Science, This was possible due to the restructuring of the genome of Escherichia coli, during which amino acids were found in nature. And since normal viruses cannot interact with such proteins, the bacterium has become completely protected from such exposure.

Actually, what’s the point. There are 4 nucleotides – adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine. And being combined into a triplet, they become able to encode amino acids. But out of four nucleotides, 64 triplets can be added, and only 20 amino acids. This is what it is called “stop codons”, which interrupt the process of DNA biosynthesis. So here. Have artificial bacteria such “redundant” combinations are active and working. So far, it turned out to create 4 additional amino acids.

E. coli as a living biosynthetic laboratory scientist has been used for a long time. Begin to produce insulin. But such a fundamental restructuring is carried out for the first time. In total, 64 thousand genes had to be rebuilt. Manually. And then also embed them in an unsuspecting e. Coli, up to this point amino acids.

But problems arose immediately. Have artificial bacteria This has been the case for the genome. Damn it – 64 thousand elements that are able to interact with each other! And all these combinations are impossible to predict. What is your death? According to the estimates, a bacterium will appear in 4 years.

And now the question. Yes, scientists have made every effort to artificial bacterium couldn’t be able to interact with E. coli. But there isn’t any chance for a new body of bacteria. It turns out that it will be the case. It is a chance that scientists will not be able to control their creation?

And we do not know. Personally, I, alas, not a bacteriologist. But the bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It is extremely difficult to deal with them …

On the one hand – great! The triumph of science! Almost artificial life! But there is no doubt that you need to take care of superbugs. So, comrades survivors, one more threat.

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