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Heavy combat knife “Antiterror” developed at the enterprise “NOKS” by special order of the FSB of the Russian Federation and is designed to arm the fighters of this power department who are fighting against organized crime and terrorism.

Knife “Antiterror” has an elongated bevel of the blade butt, which makes its shape close to a lance-like (petal), in front of the butt a sharpening is made, which improves penetration. The blade of the knife has one blade, two shares, and thanks to the crescent-shaped hollow on the cutting part of the blade, the secant properties of the knife are improved and the length of the cutting edge is increased while maintaining the linear dimensions.

In the root part of the blade from the blade there is a special notch without sharpening, which allows the knife to be grabbed with the index finger on the blade. Steel used in the manufacture of “Antiterror” – 50×14 MF and 70×16 MFS, and the metal of the blade and the top of the handle is covered with dark chrome or camouflage coating. The knife has a small crosspiece, which protects the hand from slipping at the moment of impact, with war lugs bent to the side of the tip. At the expense of the configuration and gravity of this knife, it is very effective in fights in a confined space, since there is no need for a strong swing, this weapon can even pierce a bulletproof vest.

The handle is made of leather by dialing, but the knife version with a craton handle is also available. At the knife “Antiterror” The set also includes a sheath made of durable leather with a locking strap and a loop for hanging the arms on the belt. The length of the knife is 283 mm, the geometric dimensions of the blade 160x34x6 mm. A civilian version of a knife without a crosspiece and without sharpening a butt is also produced.

Characteristics of the knife “Antiterror”

Overall length, mm 280
Blade length, mm 160
The greatest width of the blade, mm 35
Butt thickness, mm 6
Width of the handle (in parts), mm 35
Guardia width, mm 61
Handle thickness (in parts), mm 25
Blade hardness, HRS 52-56
Blade material Steel 50H14MF *

* Steel 50H14MF is used for the manufacture of cutting tools in the medical (all-metal scalpels, removable blades) and food (knives) industries that are subject to corrosion resistance requirements.

There is a civilian version of the knife “Antiterror-R”. The civilian version of the knife differs only in the absence of the guard, all the technical characteristics of the knife are preserved.

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