Anxious briefcase for survival in a terrorist attack

It seems to be a curse that it is, “we live in interesting times,” the age of change. It would be a question of what kind of world society would it be. It is not even a teenager who hasn’t been myself

It makes it so easy. It was collected from the decade for further analysis. We’ve been a little bit better.

Part of our job is just to survive. You must be able to avoid them. In the case of a man-made disaster or natural disaster.

Alarm kit also known as alarm suitcase, PM, 72-hour set, survival kit, anxious backpack, drape trunk and so on. It is a small bag of baggage. If you are a 9/11, you’ll be able to help you,

Alarming Suitcase – Survival Kit for 1-3 days

As a rule, it is an emergency kit. This is an important distinction. If you’re not on it It is intended to get out of the way as much as possible. And anxious backpack.

There are many ways to collect your survival kit. It is an unhealthy situation in the life of the survivors. And for the sake of cheapness, forgive me, to save everything to myself, using cheaper counterparts from local hypermarkets and tourist shops. Choose which path suits you best.

Alarm kit, it would be more appropriate to designate as “urban”. It’s designed to help you get rid of it.

Ideally, you quickly evacuate to a safe place. It is not necessary to use it. The situation is subject to the situation.

There is no need to set the equipment for an anxious briefcase. Loved ones is right. Of course, if and when – God forbid – he wouldn’t have to go to the fan, ” . That is life. Live and (hopefully) – learn.

The composition of the alarm kit

It can be packed in a disturbing suitcase. It’s not a problem.

  • Compact pistol decent caliber. I prefer H&K USP Compact .45, but it will be a rule where it’s not allowed.
  • Two full magazine to the gun.
  • Fold out of baton ASP, Inc produces quite good ones.
  • Pepper spray – for the same purpose.
  • High-quality and sharp folding knife. I have Spyderco production.
  • Multitool
  • Cash.
  • Passport.
  • Plait to stop bleeding. I prefer CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet).
  • Mask N95, or any other microparticles.
  • “Battle bandage” is a dressing impregnated with hemostatic substances.
  • An ancclusal plaster, an anhydride agent, is used to prevent pneumothorax.
  • High-quality flashlight.
  • The supply of water and food, which is from 48 to 72 hours. May include freeze-dried field cleaning, camp stove and fuel, iodine water purification tablets or a LifeStraw device.
  • A small roll of tape – for many purposes.
  • Packaging large cable ties – also useful for different.
  • Not less than 6 meters of parachute cord (aka paracord).
  • Batteries

As you can see, it is an alarming briefcase that I can use. He should not be like that. But such a survival kit just enough for the first time. And then – let’s see …

Ready kits

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