Apartment thefts and robberies, as they bring criminals to their own apartment, theft prevention.

Regrettably this sounds, in the vast majority of apartment thefts and robberies, their owners themselves are primarily guilty. It is they who give the order to criminals, and they only faithfully execute it. What can attract the attention of a robber to a potential victim? 

Apartment thefts and robberies, as they bring criminals to their own apartment, theft prevention.

For example, a door that is too weak or too reinforced. In the first case, the thief is tempted to make easy money: one kick under the castle and start robbery. Although such an apartment does not promise a serious gain, but it does not require much labor and time for preparation. In particular, such flimsy doors attract criminals, trainees and hooligan teens, acting spontaneously. We noticed a door breathing on frankincense, we were convinced that there was nobody in the apartment, they pushed harder and, grabbing whatever was in our eyes, we ran away.

, mask potentially tracked rooms with upscale furniture.

And probably, this would be a way out if the windows were the only channel of information leakage. The value of an apartment for theft can be determined not only by looking through the curtainless windows, but, for example, by noticing an antique suite unloaded in the courtyard. Having traced from where hefty boxes from under expensive equipment are carried in garbage bins. Or small boxes of even more expensive jewelry. Individual tenozoic residents manage to throw not only packaging containers into the garbage, but along with it, or even in it, copies of sales receipts.

Well, so that the thief could better imagine what kind of catch awaits him. Boxes from under newly acquired prestigious things and equipment are better not to be thrown away, but broken into separate, hard-to-read pieces. And be sure to find and tear commodity checks. You should not leave in rental shops, repair shops for expensive equipment and fur studios where you hemmed buttons for a fur coat, your passport details, etc. documents by which you can set your address.

Show off your newly acquired stuff less. Boasting begets envy, envy crime and theft. In addition to assisting in unloading the secretary of Louis XVII and searching in the trash cans for copies of accounts from Sotheby’s auction, the apartment of a wealthy client can be calculated by indirect signs, which can be arbitrarily combined with the concept of a lifestyle. Life style is not a wallet, you can’t hide it in your pocket.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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