Apocalypse First Aid Kits

“First Aid Kit of the Apocalypse” (c)

And I’ll start with the main thing. This was not useful.

fall into three categories:

  1. Wearable Personal First Aid Kit
    Must be everyone. Contains a set of drugs and tools focused on personal use.
  2. Wearable First Aid Kit
    Assigned to a designated medical / orderly in the group. Medical assistance.
  3. Basic First Aid Kit
    The biggest first aid kit of all. Focused on solving a wide range of medical problems. It is also compiled according to the group of members. If you want to have a surgical kit. They will have no one to use.

There is also another version of the “first-aid kit” – This PPI (Individual Dressing Package), compact tire, hemostat, painkiller and hemostatic (in ampoules with syringes).

Now go through more.

Wearable First Aid Kit

Drugs – in pills, choose what works best for you.

  • Anesthetic (Nurofen, Pentalgin, Analgin, Ketanov)
  • Remedies for indigestion (activated carbon, lactofiltrum / filtrum, enterosgel, smect).
  • Means to combat colds (paracetamol).
  • Antiallergic agents (suprastin).
  • Antispasmodic (no-shpa).
  • Cough lozenges (Septolet or Doctor Moma)
  • Antibiotics external use (tricilin).
  • Hydrogen peroxide (for treating wounds).
  • Chlorhexidine diglucanate (for the treatment of mucosal damage and disinfection).
  • Iodine and / or Zelenka (it is better to have)
  • The bandage is sterile.
  • Plasters: bactericidal, ordinary and anti-ash.
  • Plait hemostat.
  • Superglue (for bonding open wounds).
  • Cooling package.
  • Burn cream (rescuer, but better than Eplan)

It means that it is intended for intramuscular and / or intravenous injection. It is a fact that I’m not can advise pain reliever, like novocaine.

I advise you to follow up the following drugs:

  • Dicine – hemostatic with external bleeding.
  • Vikasol – hemostatic with internal bleeding.
  • Baralgin, Analgin, Novocain – painkiller.
  • Sulfokamfokain – cordial, used for pain shock.
  • Suprastin – antihistamine
  • No-Spa – antispasmodic.

For complete replacement.

Wearable First Aid Kit

In addition to all the drugs listed for personal first aid kit, in General should be increased amount of dressings. Three people at the same time.

  • Non-sterile bandages 10 pcs.
  • Sterile bandages 10 pcs.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Surgical tampons.
  • Sterile gloves.

The same applies to drugs. Given the increased wearable volume, I recommend:

  • Hemostatic impregnation bands (Celox, Quicklot, SunTouch, Hemostop-Bandage).
  • Occlusive dressings (Acherman Chest Seal and Halo Sea).
  • Foldable tires for fixing broken limbs.
  • Folding “collar” for fixing in injuries.
  • Funds for tracheotomy.
  • Foldable oxygen cushion.
  • Surgical saw (better wire gigli).
  • Potassium permanganate (for cauterization of open wounds).
  • Surgical scissors.
  • Surgical Probe.
  • Needle for decompression (ARS, Venflon).
  • Scalpel with replaceable blades.
  • Small surgical set (suture material, needles, surgical stapler).
  • Droppers.
  • Saline and Ringer (in soft packages).

There is a general first-aid kit. In the field, it will not be possible to conduct a full treatment and / or surgical intervention. If you want to help.

If you are a group of stretchers (Medtechnika, Tethys, Mikromontazh)

Basic First Aid Kit

What “basic first aid kitThis is a very simple concept – CARRY OUT EVERYTHING THERE!

As for the equipment, it’s rely on the capabilities of your group. If you don’t have a dentist is pointless. Although it is never equipped with the operating room. But you can do it with this equipment.

As for medicines, there simply must be a warehouse of everything. All that is possible. It can always be made a medium of exchange. Medications, always soar in price.

But I always advise you to add to the basic first-aid kit:

  • Soap (household and cosmetic).
  • Antifungal drugs (fungicidal powders, clotrimazole, lamisil).
  • Skin care products.

This is often forgotten, and these things eventually become very, very important.

I’m not going to pretend that these options are exhaustive and most complete. This is my view on first aid kits.

Again, you never need to know (insulin, hormones).

Well, and I repeat. Let’s never use it.


Ready kits

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