Appendix carry: Hidden wearing a gun “at the appendix”

If you are at least a little interested in wearing hidden weapons, you should know that wearing a gun “at the appendix” – The main “trend” is already a season. And for those who are not interested, or stuck in their knowledge somewhere at the level of 1989, we remind you that carrying a weapon means that the gun is located approximately in the area of ​​the appendix, in the front upper part of the pants, covered with a belt. This method has its advantages, there are some flaws, as well as a huge number of myths, rules, misunderstandings and exaggerations.

With this finger position, the risk of doing something bad is minimal.With this finger position, the risk of doing something bad is minimal.

The first thing to clarify – wearing the appendix-for-belt or AIWB (appendix inside-the-waistband) appeared almost when people started to carry handguns at all. It is enough to recall engravings and drawings in which the pirates actively shoved silicon pistols into their belts to make sure that this method has been used for a very long time. And that is quite a logical place for quick access to arms – hands hang loosely nearby, so grabbing a gun is a thorny thing.

For a time, this method was unpopular with serious shooters. Modern technology operates the location of the gun for 3 or 4 hours, it does not matter whether you use vnutrashnye holsters or external. And this situation lasted for quite a long time, until people started experimenting, writing about it and practicing with wearing a gun at the appendix. You can even say that the method is obliged to its rebirth exclusively by the Internet, thanks to which its lovers could find each other in order to spread their ideas and share the techniques needed to successfully use this position.

Of course, this is still a highly debated topic, if only because how and where you carry your weapon is a matter of personal preference. As with everything else, wearing in the area of ​​the appendix There are pluses and minuses. And each side has its strong arguments. Perhaps this is due to the peculiarity of the place of wearing – near the extremely sensitive part of the male body, which, by the way, brings us to the first popular myth.

It is enough to tilt the pelvis forward a little to prevent the appearance of random new holes in unplanned places.It is enough to tilt the pelvis forward a little to prevent the appearance of random new holes in unplanned places.

You will surely shoot your …

This is, most often, the first thing you will hear from opponents of the method appendix wear, when they find out that this is how you carry your gun. Simple logic – if a weapon is aimed at male dignity, then it CAN shoot this dignity. And this is almost the main nightmare of any normal guy. That is why we are talking about this, since many may have similar thoughts. Of course, there are arguments both for and against.

The argument “for” is that if you have a good holster and a good belt, then the barrel, in the process of wearing, is not directed at all to your pride. The main argument “against” is that in some positions the trunk is directed directly into the femoral artery. And this is exactly the place where you definitely should not put a bullet.

That is, yes, we must admit that the wrong wearing a gun at the appendix may lead to dangerous consequences. Nevertheless, a reasonable approach and careful selection of equipment can reduce this risk to almost zero.

First, pick up the clothes, lock the gun, aim the barrel from the hip, and only then begin to prepare to shootFirst, pick up the clothes, lock the gun, aim the barrel from the hip, and only then begin to prepare to shoot

The choice of equipment for wearing “at the appendix”

Here we will talk about personal choice. However, there are some pistols that are suitable for appendix wear better than others. In summary, these are semi-automatic double / single action pistols and semi-automatic pistols with a manual safety lock. Also in the list is the Glock, equipped with a special device (Striker Control Device), which allows you to use it as a semi-automatic double action.

The reason these guns are best suited for wearing the appendix lies in the fact that the most dangerous moment – getting out of the holster. In double / single action handguns, you can put your thumb on the trigger, which prevents a random shot from being pulled out. The same function is performed by a special device for the Glock. And the protective mechanisms built into this weapon since 1911 will prevent the weapon from firing back into the holster during the process.

But you can never rely solely on mechanical fuses. The best way to ensure safety in the process of wearing pistol at the appendix – a combination of training and equipment. Todd Green, one of the most ardent defenders of this way of wearing, speaks of two special actions that need to be done when getting a weapon from a holster. The first is “Hard break“. It implies that after shooting you return the pistol to the starting position and transfer your consciousness from the “shooting mode” to the “wearing mode”. The idea is that the process of placing a pistol in a holster was carried out with the same care as shooting. The second action implies some deviation backwards, a look at the holster and making the hips slightly forward. Due to this, the direction of the trunk line changes, so if everything is done correctly, neither the femoral artery nor the manhood will be affected by a random shot.

M & amp; P 9 from Smith & amp; Wesson’s in a special holster - great for hidden wearing the appendixM&P 9 by Smith & Wesson’s in a special holster – great for hidden wearing the appendix

The advantages of hidden wearing “at the appendix”

Now that the precautions are taken, let’s talk about the benefits. carrying a gun at the appendix. The first thing that immediately comes to mind is a faster whipping out than their traditional belt holsters. Supporters “Junk carry”, what else is often called on the net wearing an appendix, indicate that in the normal position of the arms, access to arms with such wearing is much more convenient than when hands are forced to move back and behind their backs. This was confirmed by me personally (by the author of the article – Caleb Giddings – approx. Translator) using a stopwatch. At hidden wearing under the t-shirt in the area of ​​the appendix, the first shot was made 0.2 seconds faster than with the usual hidden holster. Especially talented shooters manage to increase this time to 1 second while maintaining accuracy of shooting.

Some manage to wear so not only a gun, but also a lot moreSome manage to wear so not only a gun, but also a lot more

Another advantage appendix wear is more reliable control of weapons. In a normal holster, the gun is on the side or behind you, which makes it more vulnerable to trying to take possession of the weapon. And, according to statistics, the carrying of weapons in front is a less common phenomenon, which is also more convenient for direct reflection and definition of a threat.

Quick access and better control are two main reasons to use this particular method of carrying weapons. There are other, smaller reasons. Many people, including me, have found that weapons of normal size are easier to hide in just such a position. Yes, and if you fall back – there is no risk of bruising the kidney. And other little things in the same vein.

The disadvantages of carrying weapons “at the appendix”

In addition to the above safety concerns, there are other disadvantages to the method. carrying a gun at the appendix. The first is convenience, which requires some explanation. The fact is that this wearing works well only if you are in good shape. A ball is not a very good shape. In short, people with a big belly can have difficulty and discomfort with just sitting, driving or tying shoelaces. However, this can be corrected by adequate selection of belts and holsters.

Yes, the owners of & quot; beer belly & quot; not happy with this methodYes, the owners of “beer belly” is not happy with this method

The discomfort and potential insecurity, as for me, are the only drawbacks. And they completely overlap the advantages described above.

Let’s sum up

The most important part of a successful carrying weapons from the appendix is the choice of holster. Personally, I tried five different models before I found one that is perfect for my body, arms and position. You, too, may need to try a number of holsters, and perhaps change weapons, but if you do it correctly, the results will pleasantly surprise you.

If you are seriously interested in this method of carrying a gun, remember that you need to start slowly. And when you adapt – you will feel all the delights of this method. Try several different types of holsters. Train at home to wear a mock or unloaded gun. Learn how a holster behaves when wearing around the appendix. Be prepared to buy several different holsters. When you are done with this, start practicing snatching and shooting at various distances. And then you really feel all the advantages of the oldest way of carrying weapons.

Original article – Appendix Carry Pros and Cons


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