Arachnophobia Nightmare: Deadly Spiders

All human fears, as a rule, have a rigid rationale. Acrophobia – the fear of falling and injury. Claustrophobia – the risk of being stuck forever in a narrow space. Batophobia – fear of drowning. well and arachnophobia – fear of being bitten by a poisonous spider. It has been established that there has been a meeting with the deadly insects, including spiders, could occur every day. Therefore, humanity instinctively fears these arthropods. Unfortunately, arachnophobia also extends to a completely safe spider species,. But in some cases, this fear is absolutely justified. Actually, about the spiders, which we really need.

We recommend arachnophobes morally prepare – their fears are quite real. In Russia, spiders are really deadly for humans. Fortunately, they live mainly in the hot southern regions. The farther of the north, the lower the chance of being bitten. The following types are of interest:


Latrodectus tredecimguttatus. It is mainly in the area of ​​the Black Sea and the southern republics. The name itself came from Turkic – “pun” means “Black”, and “Kurt” – “Insect”. It doesn’t worry too much to make it. In short, it can be in the middle of a circle. Attack only if there is a direct threat to their lives. Especially dangerous during the migration period. The bite, intense, intense, instantly occurs, which quickly spreads throughout the body. After that, symptoms of general poisoning appear. Perhaps psychomotor agitation. Fatalities are documented.

Experts recommend immediately burn the bite with a match. Why? It is absorbed by the thermals. This is not a procedure for slowing down, but it’s not getting there. This is where you will be able to follow the general detoxification therapy. For loyalty, detoxification and local anesthesia.


Lycosa. Most often there is a South Russian tarantula or mezgir. It lives mainly in steppes and arid regions. This is a fairly large spider that has been hunted. Also likes to ambush. Attacks, again, only if you take him by surprise or accidentally come. Especially dangerous are females with egg cocoon. The bite is not fatal. You can compare, for example, with a hornet bite. Experts recommend that you wash it with a small risk of infection.



Araneus. Unlike the aforementioned species, the krestovik prefer a temperate climate. Therefore, they are found in large numbers. A distinctive feature – drawing on the body, resembling a cross. Dimensions – up to 4 centimeters. Weaving complex and large concentric networks, in the center or near it. Actually, it was the cause of the bite. But it is extremely unpleasant, because it contains both neuro and hemotoxins. Wash the bite immediately with water and apply a compress.

South Russian Solpuga

As you can see, there is a reason for a slight panic – after all, you can be very painful. But if you know the rules, you can avoid it. Do not tease large spiders. Look carefully at your feet. Be careful when passing through the cobweb, making it out. Familiar precautions, right? Almost the same as those recommended against ticks. But the truth is that the bitten is minimal.

Nightmare arahnofoba. Part 1: Deadly Spiders

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