Armed defense of the house – the real situation and debriefing

So, gentlemen, practitioners and theorists, here’s a real situation for you – the armed defense of a house, that is, of one’s own home, which happened to one comrade. We will try to reproduce the conditions as accurately as possible, and you try to understand what mistakes were made by the person and what additional security measures, within reasonable limits, of course, should be added.

Conditions: 4 am, middle of winter. Private house in a holiday village. High brick fence, metal gates, reliable lock. The house is connected to the alarm, however, the sensors are only inside. But if the alarm button. A person has an officially registered hunting weapon – a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun equipped with a pistol grip, a telescopic butt, a belt and a fiber-optic front sight. There is a decent ammunition – both hunting cartridges – canister and fraction, and “traumatic” – rubber bullets and canister. Have experience shooting. At home, together with the man are the wife and child.

Situation: closer to dawn, a person wakes up quite accidentally (as he later said – from a strange alarming sensation), and without turning on the light, looks out the window and sees that there are two inside the station, at the gate. Persons can not make out, black tight jackets, hats. That is, there is already an unauthorized entry into the territory. The silhouette of a man in the window in the light of a street lamp is noticeable, so that uninvited guests, being in the dark, are likely to see him, and quite clearly.

Actions: because the weapon at night is not stored in the safe, but “at hand”, with a full magazine (2 first charges – rubber, 6 more – lead), but with an empty chamber and a fuse, and next to it – a cartridge belt with three dozen cartridges, therefore problems in order to quickly arm – no, that man does. Then he opens the window, and again watching the two outsiders, makes a warning shot in the air, after which he loudly advises the guests to “leave the territory”. Those do not move, stand in a distance, and the shadow from the fence prevents something from being seen. A man fires a shot at a distance of 3-4 meters from the alleged aggressors. And again, seemingly, no reaction.

The man commands his wife to press the alarm button, and he goes downstairs to get dressed and take the phone. It calls the security service with which the contract is concluded. The police has not yet caused (you never know how everything will turn out …). With a shotgun at the ready goes out, ready for anything – no guests. It cost.

As the man himself later reported, he had no idea what to do if there were more than two aggressors and if they did get into the house. Moreover, his family was also not ready for such a scenario, and no one knew where to go and what to do.

What are the most important mistakes:

  1. Tactics. If you are going to use weapons to defend your home, then first of all you need to walk around the site and house, noting the “blind” corners and dangerous zones, estimate the possible scenarios for the development of situations of self-defense.
  2. Action plan. If a dangerous situation arises, all households should know what to do, where to hide, where it’s safest, how to go through the house and the site so as not to fall under a stray bullet or a crankcase. This is all the more important in the case when the ill-wishers are armed.
  3. Lighting. There was no light at the gate and on the plot, there was no powerful flashlight so that it was possible to “highlight” the targets from the window, there was no flashlight on the weapon. Working with a shotgun when defending a home at least implies a tactical gunlight.
  4. clothing. This situation had a place to be in the cold season, and to jump out in the cold in his underpants and with a shotgun – you will not fight for a long time. In addition, the need to go somewhere and lose sight of the goal could be fatal. So at hand is best to keep a set of all-season clothing.
  5. Connection. The phone should always be at hand, with security numbers, police, or someone who could be quickly brought to the rescue.
  6. Auxiliary means. Such, for example, a first aid kit, or a fire extinguisher. Everyone in the family should know where they are, be able to get them and apply. The first-aid kit must contain at least hemostatic and anti-shock agents, adults must be able to use them.

However, there are some positive moments in this rather strange situation of home defense, namely:

  1. The weapon was at hand. Moreover, it was charged, and a decent ammunition was present nearby.
  2. Weapon Skill the hero of the story was at the proper level – that is, there are regular trainings and an awareness of responsibility.
  3. There was no stupid thinking on the topic “what if these good uncles came to sing a Christmas song to us? ..” – the decision was made quickly, two shots were fired (after which the “guests” apparently decided to get out), then the “clean-up” of the danger zone was performed. Although, their motives did not remain clear.

This time everything worked out, but such situations can be repeated more than once or twice. Of course, most often the aggressors will be aiming for a banal robbery, but who knows what a person is ready to take in an extreme situation? You must know. Therefore, it is necessary to work through various scenarios and scenarios, to the point where and how you yourself would try to get inside the territory, from what positions it is most convenient to shoot at home defense, and where to hide the corpses if everything goes too far =)

As you can see, possession of firearms is useful, but entails some problems, for which you also need to be prepared. We identified nine mistakes in the incident that occurred, and three positive points that played a role in the successful resolution of the conflict. If you put it all together, we will get 9 tips on how to emerge victorious in self-defense of a home and protecting private property. Therefore, training, situational awareness and more training!

Alas, in some countries, the defense of a house with a weapon in hand is a great way to make yourself a lot of problems with the law, if you do not sit down. Of course, acquittals are often passed, but … “Let twelve be judged better than six


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